How to Grocery Shop for Lactose Intolerant-Friendly Dairy #BeyondLI

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Take a spin through the grocery with Caitlin as shops for lactose intolerant-friendly dairy foods. Made in partnership with National Dairy Council educating dairy lovers on how to take their favorite foods #BeyondLI.

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Hilarious Geek says:

Lactose intolerance is caused by faulure of the pancreas to produce the enzyme lactose. The pankreas needs to be replaced or find a way to rejuveniled. Not limit the food.

Nancy Gurish says:

Well – this is an okay video. But I never look
to an RDA for anything! That is not good info anyway!
I'm just here looking for non-lactose alternatives!
If they would have left the enzymes in – we wouldn't have
this problem! I'm not touching milk products from now on!
It's not good for us anyway!
Thanks for publishing this video!
P.S. Lassi might be good – if it's home made!
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Rohine Raut says:

thanks lactose free milk

Rohine Raut says:

my lactose problems

Raleigh Amelia says:

I just found out I was lactose intolerant yesterday and was looking for a video for what I should and shouldn't eat. Thx for the video

noslen p says:

Not a good voice to talk through a video
Sorry to say

Brooke Mayfield says:

seeing them poring the glass of milk made me nauseas

Mary Georgia says:

This video is super helpful thank you for making this video

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