How to make ★Onigiri★8 Basic Rice Balls~基本のおにぎりの作り方~(EP77)

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Today, I want to share with you, how to make Onigiri.  Onigiri is rice ball in Japanese. 

This is the very basic of Japanese cuisine.

At the beginning of October, it’s the season for rice harvest.  We appreciate the newly cropped rice because it tastes special. 

New rice has a special meaning to us, because the rice represents the “life” itself.

I will introduce you to 8 basic and popular onigiris, which you can find anywhere in Japan.

Full recipe:

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Japanese Everyday Food :Kitchen Princess Bamboo says:

Hi friends!
This is my first "Premiere" setting video. Let me know your honest opinion in the comment!
Thanks in advance♡

Shaina Close says:

My rice balls fall apart 😅 does the vinegary water and salt help them keep their shape?

thegentlemenfromkek says:

“Those are some good looking jelly donuts, right ash?”

Just Monika. says:

Thank you for the tutorial. I have always wanted to try Onigiri. I don’t know how mine will be when I make them, but I hope I do good. I’m from America :)

Pretty Pierrot says:

So nice to use gloves when handling food….. it prevents the dead skin cells on your hands from sloughing off into it…..
after all……. who wants to eat dead skin cells???🥰

Maajida Abdool says:

beautiful video!!! would like to make some!!! can it be made with brown rice?

Tony says:

Congrats, great video!

Mr Catalyst says:

How much time did you put to the steamer ??

Michael L. says:

in america, high fructose corn syrup represents life itself.

axcel zedd says:

i made fried rice onigiri

David Rossi says:

But i am not in Japan. XC
Where can I fined rice?!

mohamad wafa says:

I love the accent

Matt Frampton says:

Awesome video! Just got a rice cooker and now cannot wait to test these all out! Your videos are great and go into loads of detail so your passion for cooking is very clear. Great job!

A M says:

Your video is so good! You teach us to cook and also teaches us not to waste rice wash and everything thanks a lot!

Elsa&lisa says:

P.S. can’t find the bell?

Elsa&lisa says:

Really nice! Great choice of Onigiri! Directions and video are perfect!

Void says:

I wanna make these, are there any substitute ingredients if I'm from Philippines?

Kevin J says:

Hi, Onigiri fans ! Just wondering what kind of rice should we use, should we stick to Japanese rice , or just any sticky rice will be OK?

tayu1994 says:

I adore youre english and the ideas you gave

Tiffany Tan says:

Thank you so much for this! I've been trying to lose weight, so I've been researching tasty things to cook at home!

Cocoa Artisan Chocolatier Marigot - St. Martin says:

Bet it won't be the last. Thanks

友達 and Friends says:

Thank you very much for your fantastic video! I can finally satisfy my Onigiri craving 🍙

BOON says:

7:14take out the stone of ume boshi?  種はseedだよ! stoneは石! 怖いよ。。それ!

Brandi Day says:

I made the Tuna mayonnaise onigiri today for the first time. Although I did a terrible job forming the rice it tasted great! My husband and my 3 year old liked it a lot. I look forward to trying the other flavors and getting my onigiri shape down. Thanks for the video! It was very easy to follow.

Shay says:

Your Ume-Tamago looks like the very tastiest one!

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