How to Make a BOMB Salad Every Time

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You should be eating salads everyday because they’re so darn good for you! But don’t sacrifice taste and pleasure.Follow these tips and recipes to make salad your favorite food group!! Recipes below…

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My salad recipes & tips (more videos linked below):

Salad dressing video:
Maple mustard tempeh salad:
…more in the new blog post I linked above 😀

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Katelyn Clemons says:

This is my favorite videos of yours, by far. My salad game has STEPPED UP since I found this when you first uploaded. Amazing tips❤️ so yum. Thank you!

Honeykai says:

This is actually super helpful! I always wondered like the factors that make a delicious salad

Ashley Moore says:

Yes me too 👏❤️❤️👏👏🥰✌️❤️👏👏

Lisa de Kramer says:

what is your favorite tempe? I tried this years ago and it was tasteless.

sunkissedkemi says:

thank you for this wonderful video! i will be trying some of this for sure.

neoreoscar27 says:

Hello, thanks for your videos, I love love love them. So helpful and inspirational. May I ask, if I’m having (fortified) nutritional yeast daily, do I need to supplement B12 as well, or will it be enough having 1-2 tbsp of yeast daily? Thank you x

marie clermont says:

Thank you so much. I love your videos.

S H says:

Are ready to eat salad mixes the next best thing to fresh greens?

Penny Noneman says:

No tempeh for me if it contains wheat

Nikki Nicole says:

What caught me is your beautiful skin …new subbie here 🤗

Heather Young says:

Girl I don't know your age but your glow is blinding! Especially your neck and chest area.

Danielle Dixon says:

@Sweet Potato Soul these salads look amazing. I will definitely be adding more color to my salads from now on.
Also, I made my own dressing for the first time 2 days ago and it was BOMB!!!! I won't be buying another dressing. It was so easy.

Judi Van Erden says:

I love your video and blog because you have delicious and simple to prepare recipes. But, here's my problem: I'm essentially lazy and the thing that leads me to having cereal for supper more often than I care to count, is WASHING VEGETABLES. It is soooooo time-consuming. Would it be possible to, perhaps, do a prepping video? Like emptying your groceries and demonstrating your process for washing, storing, and prepping? I know I sound pathetic, but I want you to know that I own my pathetic-ness. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and gifts!!

M A Walker says:

PLEASE stop with the loud music! So frustrating to try to concentrate on what you’re saying! It should be filler when you’re not talking, or transitioning, or speeding up the action. You’re my favorite new channel for content, but I had to just stop on this, the fourth video, because I’m feeling like I have ADD or something. 😞

Mariska Adams says:

Thanks for the salad inspiration. I wish I could post a picture. I started with a bed of quinoa, massaged kale with my homemade red wine – horseradish vinaigrette then topped it with roasted vegetables (sweet potatoes, red onions, green bell peppers and shitake mushrooms). Then I added sliced radishes, radish greens and cilantro leaves. It is so good. I just walked through the vegetable section of the grocery store after exercise asking my body what it wanted. This was a real win.

crea holbdy says:

Music is a little loud taking away from your beautiful voice. Your personality speaks volumes so your music doesn’t have to. ❤️❤️❤️ overall I love the info and you rock !

Rhona 'Rho' Bennett says:

Thank you beautiful lady! I'm learning much from you!

GullyBop says:

"Get your freekeh" I feel healthy just looking at you…and listening but mostly looking. 💛🧡💚

cj schletter says:

I like the way you separated everything out.

Strylover says:

I am not a big salad person. Never have been. I like, and eat many vegetables and fruits, usually raw, but I never developed a liking for the lettuces…..I usually attribute that to my growing up only knowing Iceberg lettuce. But this video has inspired me to try making more salads as a main dish….especially the idea of creating my own salad dressings. The dressing you made was so simple and seemed like it would taste great. Thanks for the video.

Ladydee Fit says:

What is the "mother" in apple cider vinegar?

Roz Christopherson says:

Hadn’t thought to put tempeh in my salads. 😃👍

Bart Starr says:

Id like to toss your salad.

Drew 7ONE3 says:

First time seeing your videos. Subscribed for sure ♥️

Debbie Morales says:

Am Going Through Menopause If I Become Vegan Will It Balance My Hormones.

Synchronicity says:

What the hell is tempa?

Eatfreshlivefresh says:

salads just bore me, I need to take a leaf out of your book! no pun intended.

iQueen says:

Beautiful sister😍😍😍

Bakari Fuller says:

What is Timpi made of it creeps me out cause it looks like brain. It might help if I know what it is made of

Courtney HAMILTON says:

GIRL you never stop smiling !! That is the healthy life! <3

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