How to make a cajun roux

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Tipping Toast Media says:

lol why didnt you show us how to make a roux? lol you just showed us how to drink boy! :)

Danielwhodat Demaline says:

you're not cajun dude, stahhp!

SBY sparky says:

Ever use bacon grease? Yumm Boy

TheBkalex2010 says:

lol, comb ya hair boy!

NSarge87 says:

Boy what happened to your hair? Looks like you just woke up.

I remember you saying that doing the roux in the oven causes it to get a little lumpy right? How did you fight the lumps?

Kirby Weldon says:

Clarified butter roux superiority.

thegoatman62 says:

Made my first pot of Gumbo this weekend, also made roux (stovetop) for the first time, wasn't quite as scarey as I thought. Thanks for teaching me something new, the darker the roux the less thicking power. Does a darker roux have more flavor or just a different flavor? THANKS!

DangitBobby says:

Zantac boy! It's my best friend fur heartburn :)

Jack Spicewood says:

Hey JB, Please explain why you do not like to mix the flour and oil together and cook in the oven to make a roux. Thanks!

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