How to Make a Foil Pack on the Grill : Summer Grilling

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Making a foil pack on the grill is a great way to prepare vegetables like summer squash. Make a foil pack on the grill with help from this year’s winner of NBC’s next local TV Chef in this free video clip.

Expert: Laura Hahn
Filmmaker: Ed Candelora

Series Description: When summertime finally rolls around, grilling definitely won’t be far behind. Learn about great grilling recipes for the summer with help from this year’s winner of NBC’s next local TV Chef in this free video series.

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Daniel Luna says:

Forgot to say time on grill pendeja

Redd Cardinal says:

Uuugghhhh if you all would READ, you would see that this video is NOT about a recipe. It’s about How to create a foil pack on the grill! SMH πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ This is what our world is coming to. What happened to the days of figuring things out on your own through trial and error? Instead of judging other people for attempting the task and not doing it how you expect, why not try yourself? Why even watch the video? If you don’t like it, move on!

Ethan Umpleby says:

Haven’t got a clue how qualified this person is, but I would strongly recommend not putting in vent wholes as this will dry out your vegetables. Also, coating sliced vegetables in oil then placing in a flat foil pack will cause the veg to stick to the foil directly on the grill and will burn, scrunching the foil in a sort of tear drop, making sure it’s sealed, then shaking every couple of minutes will stop burning but allow some caramelisation and speed up the cooking

sherry a says:

Duh, How Long ?? We already know how to do that part we just don't know how long, you didn't say whether or not to flip it over, so you are no help at all.

Nathan Machesky says:

Some one get this girl a 🎁

g Mendez says:

What seasoning? U forgot to add the seasoning damit

Adam Waskevich says:

How how much time? How long fo you leave it on for?

shirtshine73blitz says:

That is Zucchini not Summer Squash.

Chris Kline says:

Why the vent holes?

Jurasim Leinad says:

A Spoil foil recipe!

MrJustliketht says:

Terrible tutorial

Honest Opinions says:

exactly warren!

Warren Tibbs says:

Maybe Time & Temp would help !! as this is not mentioned!! Thanks πŸ˜€

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