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If you have never tried a Mojito pie before then you have been missing out. It is jam packed full of flavour yet still very easy to make at home. Check out my other yummy pie recipes: http://goo.g…

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Todd's Kitchen says:

Check out my other yummy pie recipes:

Yajaira B says:

Is it a cup and a half or quarter for the crumbs?

TheMrsIzzie says:

That looks awesome! I can image how delicious it tastes :)

Dr. Chubbs says:

Yo Todd

glamorouslyesme says:

looks really good

iberilop says:

This is why I am fatTM :)

Dance_Diva says:

where did you find graham crackers in Australia ?

Sharmeena Hoque says:

That looks delicious 

Emīls Johansens says:


Hannah Wright says:

Your so good at cooking :) 

LaurenHasDays says:

Omg Iam first

Lucy Hannah Panochova says:

Hm…i like it!
Mochito it’s wery good ice cream and drink!i thing this is wery good edea❤️

Allie Stump says:

Happy Halloween,Todd!!!!

LaurenHasDays says:


Thalanna says:

I’m not too much into sweet stuff, but this looks my kind of pastry 😀
Funny side note: everytime, I hear “Get out welcome to Todd’s kitchen”.
Should I get out or am I welcome? HOW CAN MY LIFE CONTINUE LIKE THAT?!!?

Zainab Mohammed says:

Brother Todd whatever you cook is so yummy. May God bless you Ameen I
learned a lot of things from you thst I never dream of. You are excellent

Cajun TV Network says:

Awesome Video Todd!

Michael Bousquet says:

Looks good. You’re awesome dude. One of my favorite channels… Keep it up!

Sarah Edwards says:

Basically a key lime pie with the addition of mint and rum.

UltimateGamingBoy says:

SIMPLY DELISH! nice video

Ron M says:

Looks delicious Todd :)

navisthedarklord says:

under 301!!!!! ^.^ lul aha

Amber Bozeman says:

you look like you’ve lost some weight :) love your channel btw!!

CruelQuertos says:


lpeper1964 says:

Looking good,todd!! Keep up the good work!! You’ve got this!!

Daria Dalton says:

I’m thinking that you don’t need to bake the crust prior if its baking for
15 minutes, The crust looks overdone on the edges.

TIM 1257 says:


Fatima Asif says:

Can you make a how to make triple chocolate chip cookies with the oozy bit
in the inside?

Sankalp Dynamo says:

is it compulsory to have rum in the dish as i am a under 18

Mateo Lukač says:

Hi Todd! I’m your new subscribe and I like your recipes. And want you to do
for lunch path but without being a sandwich. Will you do that?

Celine Dion says:

I miss Tod’s dungeon intro :( lovely pie, I will definitely give it a try!
One question – we don’t have sweet condensed milk here, what can I replace
it with? Thanks!

Alice Angeline says:

Happy halloween Todd,thank you for all these halloween receipts :) 

Osman Aziz says:

Todd u make me speechless ur awesome am making this today I don’t care what
happens ur the best 

Hilary Chap says:

Yum! Do I have to add the alcohol? I know you said it will burn off but I
don’t want the flavour of it. Do I have too? Also I’m loving the usual
intros again!

TheNakedWombat says:

Looks nice. I’ll go for a family size.

laserking2607 says:

Awesome video

Balázs Rapcsák says:

you seem to have lost some weight :) nice recipe btw!

DERZ1 TV says:

Very Nice I love Them i love your Videos !!!!

Dwayne Wladyka says:

Looks very good!

Big Gaz says:

nice one, mate

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