How to make a no knead cast-iron loaf | Bread Recipes |

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Watch how to make an easy no knead loaf. Understand the why in each step of the process. Create amazing and delicious bread.




Want to use the same stuff I do:

Cast-iron pan —
Oven gloves —
Banneton —
Dough scraper —
Bench knife —
Bench knife (2) —
Thermometer —
Ramekins —

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Thanh Luong says:

I can’t believe I’m about to learn how to make bread from actual Keebler the elf

Tom Lee says:

This is the way my grandmother made this type of bread. Good job. I just got through making a loaf of onion bread. I am in the process of getting my things together for my cooking show. Once I do I am going to tell others about this video. I like how you did not drag it out needlessly. People need to get back in the kitchen and start cooking again. It's cheaper, it tastes amazing, and so much better for you. As I said good job young man. Look for me soon. The ghetto chef.

bob t says:

could i use a dutch oven

FLOOK 214 says:

Fantastic results, thank you!

james avdelis says:

Your the 1st cast iron guy to do artisan bread. Going to try it, it's probably easier than Dutch oven.

Dats ma boaaah says:

Nice recipe even though I put way less yeast lol it was my first Time trying a no knead bread, I usually looove kneading but it turned out Amazing

Karen Rivers says:

you may not be kneading the bread but you still need to work it

Oliver O'Dwyer says:

Nobody gonna mention the fact that this dude has elf ears????

Anne Dwyer says:

Beautiful bread!!

Ibrahim H says:

what happens if I did the resting time all at once?

Zuzu says:

I get nothing from watching video at super speed.

Ralf HN says:


Ricardo Gama says:

The amount of yeast is kinda too much, my loaf grew like a motherf, so I would try half the quantity.

john doe says:

dam he's cute, I didn't here a word he said😅

V Agarwal says:

Beautiful Bread!

Harry Merits says:

Can I use round cake mould to bake the bread

Betty says:

Looks delicious and easy! Perfect for cooking in a rainy day like today!

tim says:

Hi there.This bread looks fantastic. Is there any reason why you don’t recommend proving for a longer time or proving overnight as many other recipes suggest, to help develop flavour further? Is this simply the time factor? And there is no sugar in your recipe, which is unusual, as I understand this helps to activate the yeast? Great video. Thanks Tim

KillerZero259 says:

I'm hoping someone can answer this: Will the dried in oil, from the cast iron, interfere with how this bread will finish? I also have a cast iron combo, but I've used them to also cook meat

KeskinCookin says:

You WON'T regret trying my cast-iron soft bread recipe:

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