How to Make a Refreshing Cucumber Sandwich

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Learn how to make a refreshing cucumber sandwich with Chef Fernando from Check out more from at


2 slices of whole wheat bread
1/2 English cucumber peeled, seedless
2 oz. of Cream Cheese, softened
1 oz. of sweet butter, softened
12 or so mint leaves de-stemmed, minced

1. Mix cream cheese, butter and mint together until soft and can be spread easily
2. Cut cucumbers in ¼ inch planks as demonstrated
3. Spread mixture on both slices of bread covering the entire slice
4. Lay cucumbers on one slice not overlapping
5. Lay top slice on and press down, trim off crust and cut sandwich into one diagonal slice
6. Present cut sandwich on plate


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Dawn Roy says:

This video is an “over” – explanation for a basic ass sand which. This could have been a 1.30 min video at max 🙄 sheesh.

lesbian frog says:

I thought I was the only one who eats cucumber sandwiches 😳

Believer says:

Omg! I’m here after watching hilda too!😂

Aly Sellin says:

I’m going to make this minus the butter and mint.
I’m pregnant- don’t argue with me.

oldschooldiy says:

How boring can you make a sandwich? I don't know, but, this is definitely in the running!

Hawkie 22 says:

Everyone came from Hilda. I came from Dexter, special agent Lundy 1:00 PM

Llama Warrior says:

I'm here just cuz I got a shit ton of cucumbers to eat, n I'm not really sure what to do with them all.

google gal says:

The cameraman needs to focus on hands, not heads.

Senorita Cumbia says:

chef fernando esta buenisimo!

honestly stop- says:

Wtf is a "hilda"
I'm here from childhood memories

pandomara says:

Appreciate if you could remove the ad on the bottom. Couldn’t see while he was cutting the sandwich….

L B says:

Mine's just cucumber between buttered bread. I haven't had a cucumber sandwich in years, but it sounds perfect in this hot weather.
I've seen where cucumbers are salted with a squeeze of lemon juice before making.

Damien Reyna says:

I decided to look this up after watching the Frank's red hot sauce commercial.

A R says:

Nice, minus the thumb prints.

Michael Hill says:

It's advertised as cucumber sandwich, why put other stuff in it….bloody chefs.

The Hunter says:

I'm British, who tf eats this

Whoever eats this and enjoys it deserves a slap

Léo Bergeron-Cyr says:

Did he said penis

carmie says:

why make the video so loooong? /:

Wise beardedman says:

Who's here after hearing bruno on the witches talk about these?

* says:

This dude is not even English!

Mister Ace says:

I'm here because I played Sonic Unleashed and how Professor Pickle saying that "cucumber Sandwiches" are amazing!!

Shaku X says:

I created the vegemite cucumber sandwich ☺️

mick yevengich says:

My nigga wuz yu high or nah cuz dis vid was on crack

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