How to Make a Rock Candy Science Experiment

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Rock candy is a simple sugar recipe that doubles as a science experiment. Here’s how to make rock candy at home. To read more on how to make rock candy, check out:

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Fer Perea says:

I have to make this for a science proyect

Airenterix says:

I have to make this it was assigned to me 4 science

XsyncllX6 LUL says:

this sucks there are better videos out there, this is Sooooo blurry

hdotpdot says:

That's a lot of sugar…

jessie ramer says:

Why does ppl have 2 be rude cant yall be nice this is a cool project 2 do in school 4 kids

SpeedMicraly Sanchez says:

That is cool

Indira Maharaj says:

but we had too wait a really long time we have science at the end of the day so we had to wait till the next day before we ate it

Indira Maharaj says:

it was really helpful for our science project our teacher was so amazed we made 3

Elizabeth Itter says:

Your a hot man

Salina W says:

from my experience it works better with 1 cup water to 3 cups sugar, for anyone that this didnt work with

JuJu Levene says:

I like it

Noah “Samuel” Albert says:

Thanks! i'm using this recipe for my science class project. Really helped a lot. :D

LemonSipper says:

Mine didn't work…

lisa latta says:

do you have to put oil have everything but that?

baby lips:* says:

this vid helped me,thanksss

Lydia Brooks says:


Chanaelle Citron says:

What is flavoring oil?

DonorSticks says:

thats my science project

perrin fowler says:

that was so shit

killoaz100 says:

Do you want ants?
Because this is how you get ants.

Ethel Pepper says:

What do you do if the sugar accumulates on the bottom of the jar?

Mark Macmillan says:

Will this work in the fridge?

julius van egmond says:

gy bent homo

Makaylah Jones says:

why do you need food coloring and flavor why cant yo just use kool aid?! Kool aid is always the answer

Cat says:

Ok this is a hoax lol

duvaltrojan2002 says:

This is awesome I was thinking of something to do with my syblings.this is just the thing.

AnnaMeuyHearts83 says:

I think my experiment went wrong because crystals didn't grow on the strings as much. They started growing at the bottom of the jar. I don't know what I did wrong. :(

Guru of Random says:

This is tricky to get to work, I've tried it and had the pot overflowing with heated up sugar. What a messy chef I am that would get me fired.

JaMeah Costen says:

Can we put it in the fridge

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