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Do you have a favorite dish or an International restaurant that you regularly go to because they always make things just the way you like? Have you ever wondered how they do it? Welcome World Cuisine demystifies International food and shares the secrets behind popular restaurant dishes including Pad Thai, Tikka Massala, Pho, Sushi, and more!

In this video, you’ll watch how to make two classic Spanish tapas dishes. These little bites are perfect cocktail party snacks and make great little plates for dinner. You’ll see how to make patatas bravas, braised potatoes with a spicy sauce. And huevos endiablados, Spanish devilled eggs made with tuna and spices. Your palate will never get bored with these small, flavorful, appetizer-size portions.

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Ashwini's Kitchen says:

Wow Nice recipe 😋 I will try this

AJ B says:

You fried pots with virgin olive oil. So dangerous. Use light olive oil for frying.

Adrian Hargan says:

Where can I get that music

Shadow Spektrum says:

Dr. Kamikaze’s favorite

Monkey Free says:

Love tapas. So glad my parents moved to Spain as I get to go there four times a year and eat my fill.

Knight Al3xqnd3r_ says:

Are all these appetizers?

Bulgdoom says:

He said more "Umms" than words.

Elizabeth Long says:

..thank you

trampantojo 48 says:

you said many lays…the cuisine of mine does't kow???

franttc says:

Patetic… here in spain are diferent. Sorry bro thats no the real tapa. Its a adaptation of your cusine and something that you called tapas..

Allrecipes says:

We love those too! Delicious.

Emma Fitz says:

All time favourite = Patatas Bravas…from Catalunya of course! 😀

Felipe Ramírez says:

Just some comments…the best tapas in Spain are in Granada. Any Spanish would tell you that…second, not huevos endiablados, but in Spain we say huevos rellenos. Thank you. And they are made with tomate frito…
And in last place…those are NOT tapas xDDDD
you should check this: tapas, raciones, pinchos. Because they're not the same…
Anyway, the music was great and the patatas bravas look awesome 😀

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