How to Make Beef Stroganoff

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See how to make a top-rated beef stroganoff recipe. This family favorite is one of our most popular recipes. And no wonder, it’s a creamy, flavorful beef stroganoff simmered slowly until the meat is melt-in-the-mouth tender. In this video, you’ll see how to prepare the chuck roast to ensure the meat is the most tender it can be. You’ll also get tips for making a simple roux. Serve this with egg noodles or rice.

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John Doe says:

i didn't even know there were canned mushrooms… either way that sounds like shite

Ronda Goodlet says:

Very nice recipe, less the canned mushrooms. Like the addition of mustard to the sauce. Thanks very much for sharing it!

Silver N Black says:

first 30 seconds of the video all i heard was "Trim off all the flavor of the meat"

Eric Northmen says:

Canned mushrooms? beef stroganoff's signature is the beef and MUSHROOMS, you can't used canned . . . you need to use raw ones, sautee them, or not.. but it really dampens the flavor… the canned ones are already cooked/sitting in a can and lose virtually all their flavor. especially since you dumped/drained the juice from the can.

Petesrules says:

Canned mushrooms? Oh God fuck me….

Joanna Smith says:

This comment is for L recites L recipes I really like the way you explain stuff and how to measure because I am visually impaired and a lot of the videos and stuff do not say how much to put on different things that they cook but you make it easy to know how to cook your recipes I really thank you for that anyway have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year thanks again for explaining everything because I am a blind cook and it really helps me a lot thank you thank you for the lady that does L recites or L recipes you are the best😇🎄✨

Natalie Andrea says:

Noodles?? It's called spiral pasta! Noodles are the ones used in Asian cooking.

edjucat says:

Oh, dear God in Heaven! Don't EVER use canned mushrooms in beef stroganoff. And mustard doesn't really have any business being in there, either. This is a dreadful recipe.

amy monzon says:

i dont like this recipe

jw says:

WHAT? Canned mushrooms? That's a crime, lady.

Zacq768 says:

I like how everyone is saying its the wrong way, but noone is saying why or how to make it better.

Sadochrist says:

This is the second stroganoff recipe that I've seen on youtube and the second that I've seen completely screw it.

Richard Sutherlin says:

You had me until you used canned mushrooms…really???

Franco Romano says:

My goodness, please change your hobby and get out from the kitchen

XxRedBull23xX says:

only use fresh mushrooms in stroganoff. canned are rubbery 

John Carney says:

You are an not put this junk on tv lady as no one wants to eat crap.

jijifanna says:

It s the worst version of beef stroganoff i ve ever seen. U ruined it completely

GlassTopRX7 says:

Should be filet, flowered and sauteed in butter with onion, remove the beef from the broth and add sour cream and Dijon mustards serve over nuddles or rice.

There is no wine, leaving the onions in and adding mushrooms are common twist.

badboy51826 says:

would like to try this looks good

Kate Steventon says:

The fuck!!!! How is this stroganoff? 

Francis Santiago says:

I dont like what you do on this video

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