How to make Beef & Vegetable soup like a Cajun

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Big Rob0918 says:

J B, don't think I didn't notice you were drinking that non union beer. Lol

Hahaha Wishinguknewhuh says:

Looks yummy!!

Braciole76 says:

Cajun? Den wheres da rotel my man? Just what I like.

good says:

i like this guys style

good says:

i like this guys style

good says:

i like this guys style

ThomasPaine3 says:

Between 00.27 & 00.30

Did Foghorn Leghorn just get owned by his Ol' lady?

jasmin dela cruz says:

JB you sure do know how to cook! I just started watching your videos and they're all awesome!! your so true to yourself, thats what makes you the best BOY!

Lucius Dark says:

I would add celery but it looks great.

29render says:

the soup…good!
ya fruit

souless1985 says:

Jb, can you give a tour of your yard, the grassy part boy. Looks pretty big in yo vids.

souless1985 says:

You gotta eat the marrow before you give the bone to the dog BOY!

Bootscoot Lard says:

awesome decorations!

DW's Southern Cooking & BBQ says:

Look really fine too me,man that soup would be nice after a cold day of work or play.
Thank's for sharing!

Lord Overfiend says:

By the way JB good job on the Christmas lights my boy,you did more than me

Scott Freeman says:

Of these youtube videos. Do you have a DVD of your recipes?


i love your videos cas you are funny

Lord Overfiend says:

That's what weez gots today my boy

justanothertubename says:

The fat is the best flavor carrier! It's where the spice goes in. Don't separate it unless you wanna use it otherwise. Would be a waste.

Scott Freeman says:

Do you have any DVDs?

Sam says:

"yall shut up" lol that was funny

Food Porn Network says:

Good lookin zoup lol

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