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In this video, we’re making a batch of margaritas with beer and frozen limeade concentrate. This quick recipe can be easily adjusted to your personal taste by changing up the amounts of tequila and beer. If you prefer your margaritas less sweet, add a bit of water or sparkling lime soda.

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Cherokee M says:

Nice!!!!!!! Yeah I too prefer the recipe in the description box…. So much easier 💛💜💙💚💖

Marga Garcia says:

Put ingredients on the description box pls

MrBUMsMum says:

amounts? type of beer? ugh so frustrating

certicia prosper says:

what is the name of that song?

Alicia B says:

So much easier than breaking out my blender for a frozen margarita, thumbs up on this recipe.

Denise Mosley says:

I'm thirsty now!! Thanks :-)

rafael acosta says:

Yummmmmmmy! !!!!! Perfect for my Cinco party…..

Heghineh Cooking Show says:

Love this recipe, so many uploads for refreshing drinks recently, I guess summer is too close now:)

Elizabeth Long says:

..thank you

Izzy Lebasi says:

Interesting … Still cannot drink but I'll just go have apple juice.

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