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You’ll want to brown the butter for a depth of flavor that gives this banana bread a unique and delectable taste. Enjoy this simple banana bread fresh from the oven! Get the recipe for Browned Butter Banana Bread at:

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50hellkat2 says:

So this recipe is great. I went to the website to get the recipe that they have listed. Everything is straightforward. Except…they list 1/2 cup butter in ingredients and tell you to brown it in a pan. But then…they say to only use 1/3 cup in the recipe and use the remainder for something else. I missed this …and added 1/2 cup.. oh my….what a delicious mistake i made. Yum.

Kewpie Fan Club says:

a great pic… lets follow each other so that we can connected.

50hellkat2 says:

Wow….that looks dope.

The Banana Channel says:

If you want to see other uses for bananas check out The Banana Channel

califdad4 says:

looks good, and glad to see allrecipes is making shorter videos, a bit more like delish,

jepoy fern says:

So no baking powder?

Twins VegKitchen says:

wow…. yummmmmmy

Joshua Gabriel says:

It taste real more bananas!

Joshua Gabriel says:


steven shaw says:

How do you make Carmel cake

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