How To Make Bunuelos – A Mexican Pastry With Cinnamon And Sugar

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How to make bunuelos.

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Bunuelos are a delicious Mexican dessert that I will show you step by step how to make.

These are sort of like fritters or cinnamon donuts. Very yummy.

These are coated in a sugar cinnamon mixture and terrific eaten warm right off the stove.

Bunuelos are somewhat similar to churros in that both are a dough that is deep fried in oil. And both are coated in cinnamon and sugar.

Many make these at Christmas time or New Years because they are so special.

When I first made them, I made them with my son. He took most of them to school to share with his friends. He was very popular that day!

So share making this with your children, they will love it.

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Merabet Dora says:

Here in Algeria we call it sfenj but is little thicker in Algeria and the tradition recipe they use semolina and you can do it with only flour even you can do mix between flour and semolina but we don't put butter and we use the yeast and the garnish with sugar or honey I like it 😊😊😊😊

Nuby Bautista says:

I will try this receipe tonight! Happy New Year.

Joaquin Hernandez says:

what the heck is this not bunuelos im used to seeing.

Janey S says:

Can lactaid milk be used?

Joellen Montoya says:

Those look amazing!.. That's the way I like my bunuelos. Not a thin tortilla like. Still good either but I'm a bead lover.. I definitely will be trying this. I make funnel cakes and just add sugar and cinnamon if I'm craving one lol..

Jerald Mcnulty says:

looks really good. i'm going to try them

Maroonie says:

Easiest recipe I know:
Flour tortillas
Vegetable or Canola oil

Cut tortillas into fourths, fry until a golden color, and coat with cinnamon and sugar!


Saint Diego says:

These are so good, my family makes them for the holiday's.

tattoodavid1988 says:

Some of these people seem to know a lot about making these already, considering they are searching for recipes 😉
Rockin Robin you are awesome! I've watched almost all of your videos this weekend, Im going to try your roasting technique for salsa tomorrow.

scettzvill says:

"sometimes you have to flour the roling pin" proceeds to flatten dough with unfloured side of roling ping "its sticking more to the roling pin then it is to the cloth" you don't say…

Nicole Sheptov says:

You can make these with tortillas!

pfc.hack says:

OMG THOSE look so good 

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