How to make Cajun Creole Seasoning Mix

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Healthy Butter & a food slide show

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Makron5 says:

3 tb sweet paprika powder
2 tb onion powder
2 tb garlic powder
1 tb dried oregano
1 tb dried basil
1 ts dried thyme
1 ts black pepper
1 ts white pepper
1/2 ts cayenne
1/2 ts celery powder

Makron5 says:

white pepper is a thing? What do you use it for beside cajun seasoning?

TheGreatDistraction says:

Thanks for the recipe. Pretty good mix! Reminds me of eating at my coon ass relatives house when I was a kid.

joe friedl says:

Wow! butter, its so simple! Why didnt i think of it before! I'm going to the fridge to grab a stick right now, I've got me some left over bacon to wrap it in and i got me a perfect healthy late nite snack!

TeamSurfinSapo says:

Nice video. I wish I could be there for the boil. I have a few more family matter to tend to bro. When this is done I am taking a road trip all over S La….. Have a blessed time at the boil…

Frank Imperiali says:

Good Morning
thanks for sharing I enjoy all your cooking can you please tell me how I can fine the recipe for your season TYVM

John says:

I bet you can find them lurking in your rivers and reservoirs! Great bass food!

Anonymoose says:

Looks like a good basic Cajun mix, and not far removed from Slap Ya Hoohaw.

I go through a lot of butter as it is, but I'll kick it up a notch or two now, so I can get extra healthy. :-)

Lord Overfiend says:

Cool try to make that

JC Paint | Paracord Workz says:

that cayenne been giving me the bubbly gubblies lately. I used to be able to eat it right out the damn jar boy now it tears me up something fierce

Thaneii says:

Thanks boy, if only I could. One day take I'll take you up on that.

Crystal Wengenroth says:

I LOVE your videos Mr. JB! Love watching you carry on like you do LOL! Have a great time this weekend at your party! We gonna hear yall hollerin all the way over here in Houston Texas! : )

Lord Overfiend says:

Ya ain't got no blacken seasoning mix a boy? Dat red shit we got at work sucks

Lord Overfiend says:

Thanks man,gonna try this stuff…bet its yumm good

Edward James says:

Jb you rock

headband40 says:

hate when you think the frozen pop is defrosted and u open it but… heck no! that frozen pop just keeps coming out the dang can and you tryin to drink it fast as u can haha. ya been there jb .. cant wait for the spring fling vids . and jb, just wonderin have you ever smoked a salmon?
:) ..melanie..

lysippus says:

JB. Have you ever made remoulade? I saw someone from leruths make it ant it was very different than i am used to. Had creole mustard and paprika and oil in it… They said it was addictive

Erok BrewMeister says:

Yum!! Slap yo JB mix, cool huh !

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