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When you want a sweet treat with a bit of kick, enjoy a thick slice of this coffee and creamer-infused banana bread. Ripe bananas join caramel macchiato-flavored creamer, eggs, sugar, oil, instant coffee and cinnamon-spiked flour and bake into a moist, tender loaf topped with a rich glaze of butter, brown sugar and vanilla.

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Violet Martinez says:

Call recipes used to be very useful. You used to be able to understand the recipe everything was spoken out slowly. This new method of writing up the recipe quickly and all you hear is this music in the background is completely unhelpful I’ve been subscribe to this channel 4 I’d have to say three years and today I have left the subscription because it is been unuseful after this change. This is actually sad.

Lisa Boban says:

So, you basically make banana bread and replace the milk with an artificially flavored "coffee creamer" sludge.

Journi2Lyfe says:

My goodness that looks so good

amal metwally says:

Very delicious banana bread 💕💕💕 a very beautiful video 👍👍👍 Thank-you very much 🌹🍭🍬🍰

lucas sacul says:

Hello, it looks delicious and I can imagine it accompanied with a creamy super brown, (Coffe) and the best thing is that it is easy to make. Thank you

Aya Iss says:

Looks good👌🏻👌🏻

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