How to make Carne con Chile Colorado & Potatoes In an Instant Pot Recipe | Views on the road

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Carne Con Chile can be done in an InstaPot 🥩🌶This recipe took me 30 min to prepare! We love a good ole’ shortcut that has all the traditional flavors. What do you usually serve with your Carne con Chile!?

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3 pounds chuck steak (diezmillo) chopped in cubes
3 cups hot water
2 medium potatoes chopped in cubes
1/3 cup guajillo chili powder
1/2 chopped onion
2 garlic cloves
1 1/2 Tbs chicken bouillon
1 Tbs Oregano
1/2 Tsp ground cumin
1/2 Tsp salt
1/4 black pepper or to taste
Optional for Spice 1 Tsp Extra Picante chili seasoning
Extra Picante seasoning and oil recipe

Chili powder recipe
Guajillo powder by ole mission:

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Cloud Views says:

I was not the only family member that gave the stink eye to the pre-made flour tortillas😂 Not all tortillas are equal! Sorry stephey boo boo 😘

Beauty By Britt B says:

Love your recipes! Were the potatoes ok with 28 minutes or do they pretty much dissolve?

Charlie C says:


gracias, I mean that! I love Chile Colorado and sometimes I dont NEED it not too spicy. (the habaneros have caught up this old man) This was great, I have not looked yet, but would I love to see your Pizole recipe. Thanks so much for sharing. FOOD W/Friends = Family. Best way to bond.

Liana Sizemore says:

Just tried this & ours did not thicken up. New to the Instant pot. Any ideas why? Thanks

Angela Mosqueda says:

I just made this for my hubby and he loved it. The meat turned out so tender. On a side note, I am vegan so While it was cooking I also made your Jamaica, and used the flowers to make a stove top vegan version for me!! I did everything the same just subbed the meat for flowers and cooked on the stove top, covered, until the potatoes were done! So good! I used your method of rinsing and soaking in water and apple cider vinegar (your vegan quesabirria recipe). Love it! Thank you!!

Darlena Salinas Clevenger says:

Thank you, thank you 🙏😋🌶🎊🙏

Pilar Neary says:

¡¡¡Qué delicia!!! Gracias, hermosas.

Izzy Chavez says:

Can you just make a book

trudi wright says:

I'm making this tomorrow. But I'm going to make gorditas

trudi wright says:

Stephanie makes perfect tortillas. I have watched all her videos

Elizabeth Maldonado says:

Looks sooo Rico! Is that powder spicy! I can’t eat spicy food😔

reyesmartha1982 says:

i love the way she talks! you go girl!

Chelsee says:

Is that oregano or Mexican oregano?

Chelsee says:

Can I saute in a slow cooker as well as a crock pot?

Monica Beltran says:

How long do you think it will take to cook 15 pounds in instant pot? If it fits

shelby jordan says:

Is there a good substitute for the guajillo chili powder, I can’t find it anywhere and I’m trying to make this meal tomorrow so I don’t have time to order/:?

DDee says:

I bought an instant pot yesterday and made this today. Not sure what I did wrong, the taste was delish, but the sauce was watery. I made a rue to thicken it up. Next time, I will use less water…but like I said, the flavor was excellent, the meat very soft, and papas cooked perfectly.

Bianca Bustamante says:

Dumb question: I’m barely opening it does it have to be set on a certain setting for me to be able to sautee?

chuck thompson says:

YES MAM! Thank you.

Erick V says:

Lmfao the spachula tho!

Gggls844 says:

Is this a hot chili?

Hugh Jass says:

What beans do you use in the can that you blended for the bean?

papa Tutti says:

Hey, I go to Ontario all the time.

Maricela Wollenman says:

I just made this and my chile didn’t thicken. It’s super watery and I used 2 cups of water! I’m so sad 😭

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