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In this video we’ll show you how to make a delicious loaf of bread in your bread machine. Fragrant Italian herbs and Parmesan cheese are the stars, but sandwiching two slices of this bread with melted cheese will certainly make you say ‘yum yum’!

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Ivy Finisie says:

Please…not everybody has a bread baking machine , thank u

Wavy Pie says:

I have a machine like that but it's black and bigger

saenzlopez says:

do the recipe the regular way, not the lazy boy way. i hate those machines.

Dulmal Mj says:

Can i make it without using the machine? 

dwtbb00 says:

This looks great but can I get instructions on how to do it without the bread making machine? Sadly I do not have one and don't want to buy another contraption. 😕

srhncdwkljpm says:

This bread looks too dense and dry. Bread machine bread is always disappointing. Bake bread in the oven.


As instructed, I hit the start button on my bread machine and broke it. I know.. I know…

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