How To Make Chili, 3 Easy Recipes for Steak, Seafood and Meat Lovers’ Chili

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KlaxonCow says:

Rob is naturally TV-genic. His enthusiasm and personally just effortlessly
comes across. To be frank, he looks vastly more professional in this
segment than the guy who’s actually supposed to be the presenter. ;D

topcat4eva says:

great vid ツ

cookingfordads says:

@RandomDanish I live in Minnesota, that’s as much Chili as we can handle.

glamourizedtinkerbel says:

The chocolate chips have me intrigued… awesome job on the show Rob!

shakaama says:

@cookingfordads get those “minerals” and vitamins.

blueberrywine69 says:

great job Rob

TheVittleVlog says:

Great vid!!

cookingfordads says:

@shakaama mmm cans.

Diana DeLaFuente says:

Love the seafood chili… definitely going to try that!

trublgrl says:

Great video! I’m glad you are getting some recognition on TV. Rob! Always
creative and you really inspire my cooking! Bravissima!

John Smith says:

Great job Rob! I still use your original prime rib recipe!

witchman1 says:

You go rob.

Rodney Taylor says:

As a non-chili eater, I tried the base and the baked beans, and it has
become a hit with my family. I know love chili and it is because of these

KlaxonCow says:

To be fair, of course, presenting a cooking segment is Rob’s speciality.
I’m sure that other guy isn’t quite as clueless in the rest of the show –
but, when it comes to cooking, he just has no idea and looked kind of
“lost” throughout this segment. What were those guesses he gave about the
“secret ingredient”? His wife does all the cooking at home. You can tell. ;D

Thet3 says:

did this chick just double dip??

13Segruts says:

Tastes like lobster piss

lookleep says:

I’m SO hungry now!

shakaama says:

soooooo many cans. I don’t know. i’d say empty the cans and put them in the
pot. they’d taste better than the stuff inside. I’m just sayin.

cookingfordads says:

@KlaxonCow Thanks, you are so kind.

Another Amateur says:

Very nice. I make a mild chili that the kids will eat. The adults add hot
sauce and pepper to taste. Have you tried using beer and a bit of cocoa in
the chili? Thanks for some great ideas!

Andrew Qwopington says:

When he was told wine was the secret ingredient, he paused and was stunned
like he was a recovering alcoholic. 2:40

64CSAR says:


cookingfordads says:

@glamourizedtinkerbel the chocolate is a great addition. You’ll really like
that one.

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