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Get Jackie Schmidt’s 5-star recipe for holiday Chocolate Mint Candies Cookies at

In this video, we’ll show you how to incorporate chocolate covered thin mints into a perfect chocolate cookie. These homemade treats make decadent holidays gifts for friends and family.

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Dick fidler says:

gotta try some of these recopies.they look delightful….
I think even a guy like me can mange some of these  :)

Rianna Derks says:

We make these every year, only we call them titicacas, from the lake titicaca in the Andes mountains, because we use "Andes candies" but instead of the chocolate covered mint, we use the mint cover chocolate, gives a better green-brown ratio

Casey Nguyen says:

What can I replace instead of mint wafer? I don't have it here

Roisin Loughlin says:

I'm sorry but why does the production of this video make it look like it was edited by a 12 year old

Big Wanda Knows says:

An easier way is to purchase cookies, place mint on top, put in a 350 degree oven for 60 seconds.

So Soap says:

Love the music, love the video! : )

KM says:

mmm tasty! QUESTION: what happened to the voiceovers?!

Jo Chua says:

That swirl <3

graham cosh says:

wow! great recipe.

Prue Pukanda says:

please, do you have an easy recipe for making macarons? thank you ^^

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