How to Make Cotton Candy and 8 Ways to Use It in Your Homemade Desserts

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1. Cotton Candy Souffle Pancake:
2. Handmade Pink Lemonade Cotton Candy:
3. (Scran Line) Cotton Candy Cake:
4. Cotton Candy Flambe Surprise:
5. Cotton Candy Pizza:
6. (Scran Line) Cotton Candy Fudge:
7. (Scran Line) Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cake:
8. Unicorn Ice Cream:

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Jennifer Eribal says:

i hope i can eat it

A. W. says:

Written recipe for second one step 1: destroy your whisker
Step 2: use this new otherwise useless item for doing something you actually can do with a fork

bardickitten says:

Love you Granny. I hope you both have a wonderful holiday.

J vdK says:

Sugar on top of sugar topped of with more sugar? Who are those people?

Emma Sanford says:

Am I the only one who didn't like cotton candy as a kid?

Izzati Hassan says:

Tastemade, starting from 6:18 your subtitles are slightly off by a second.

Foodie Lah! says:

The second one seemed like a science experiment 🀣

Violet Alice Evans says:

Mozzarella and marshmallows? Did someone try this? Excuse me, excuse me, but what the f***?

Lisa Boban says:

That cotton candy pizza is an abomination. There ought to be a law…

Guillermo Lopez says:

Soy el ΓΊnico que piensa que lo de la pizza ya es pasarse…

Passion for food says:

I know this sweet Cotton candy joke, lets really string it together!

The Cook says:

Amazing πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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