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Watch how you can make a delicious and healthy salad that is likely to be better than what you’d order at your favorite Greek restaurant. From homemade dressing, to freshly chopped vegetables, this vegetarian recipe is a stunner.

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Veronica Chatmon says:

Looks yummy!! Lighten up people! What if I ordered a "Greek" salad and hate olives? What kind of salad would that be? Nice demo! I can't wait to make it with extra olives!

Chocolatte Choco says:

awesome simple dressing

Uncle Bob says:

that looks fucking good!!!

m. g. says:

I understand the different aproach to what a greek salad might be to someone but the greek salad only has tomatos, cucumbers, onions, green peppers(optional), olive oil, oregano, salt and of course feta cheese. That said by a greek

Cooking Lessons for Dad says:

What an easy and delicious salad!

Vivi-Ann Paik Nielsen says:

Please dont Call that a Greek Salat .. Its fare from…. Sorry …

CL Yin says:

I am not greek, and i dont know if this is greek salad or not, but i can tell this is really delicious.

Paul Kalak says:

C'mon Greeks, just "I'm Greek…and this is not Greek salad…" is kinda stupid to say. What's Greek salad then? Educate us.

Heghineh Cooking Show says:

This is more of "Greek Salad" inspired salad, I'm sure equally delicious as the authentic version

Giorgos Karounos says:

I'm Greek…and this is not Greek salad…

Cecilia GULFO says:

Delicious, thank you. Could you please say to me the season name? Thanks

Dimitris Voultsidis says:

Αμα αυτο ειναι ελληνικη σαλατα(χωριατικη) εγω ειμαι αμερικανος .

cris estacio says:

craving for a salad right now…

AdasPata666 says:

you don't use lettuce in greek salad

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