How to Make Ground Beef Casserole

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This video is about how to make a very tasty and Hearty Ground Beef Casserole.
Its really quick and easy and well loved by most everyone!
Here are the ingredients list
; preheat Oven to 400 Degrees F

Olive oil
Ground Beef
Salt And Pepper

Egg Noodles

Garlic ( finely Chopped )

Italian Seasoning
ground Parsley
Tomato Sauce Diced Tomatoes

Shredded Cheese
Please Watch the Video on how to Put it together, and Thank you for watching !

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Rory Miles says:

My boyfriend works late and I try to come up with food with what we have. I looked up ground beef and found this. We had about every ingredient and it was delicious. He asked for seconds. Simple and yummy πŸ˜‹

Bren X says:

Uk pasta bake

CLARA3952 koss says:

great dish… use less pots

Fishyattck 1 says:

It’s so so good thank you so much for showing us this recipe

Barbara says:

Made casserole for the second time ,love it and so does my hubby
it is easy and quick
thank you

Matt Teichroeb says:

Looks like something my Mom would make me.

Stacey Vitale says:

That’s basically American Chop Suey

Michael Quillen says:

Good video! I love casseroles. I grew up on casseroles. Why? Because my Dad grew up in the hills of Tennessee (1930-48) and ate what poor hill folk ate. Mind you, he said they ate well and never went hungry but he was tired of fried chicken, cornbread, ham, red-eye gravy, pinto beans, souse, etc. Mom liked to make casseroles and Dad loved them…so we had a lot of them as I was growing up. Nevertheless, I enjoy trying a new casserole now and then, and my wife loves it when I cook. I'll be trying your casserole. Thanks for the video.

Tany Hernandez says:

Hii love your videos!! πŸ’• how much people does this meal feed please???

Wayne Lyles says:

Don't rinse noodles,,makes sauce adhere to them better.. great left overs..or a sandwich..

Thomas Lucas says:

I liked it all but the Italian seasoning because I hate Oregano. My brother in law is full blooded Italian his mother owns a Italian restaurant and he absolutely hates Oregano. But other than the seasoning your recipe looks absolutely delicious. Thank you.

DoNot Need says:

I have a 12 inch cast iron skillet I've done it in without having to change pans. I also add mixed veggies to give it more color. I think I have an idea what I'll be making before the weekend and maybe a batch of biscuits to go with it. I make my biscuits from scratch using butter.

SusanneRosannaDannah says:

Making this Tuesday night with home made rolls and a salad!

Chef Ken says:

Use a smaller plate for plating the casserole. The large plate you used took away from the presentation. The recipe looked great. I've been an executive chef for 36 years in four and five-star restaurants. I only meant this to help you.

Teresa Potvien says:

Where are you from? North Dakota or Minnesota? I have the same accent.!!! πŸ˜…

Jim Kalin says:

I just made this a little while ago, and it is quick, easy, and delicious! Thanks for sharing.

Wes Peacock says:

Looks qiuck, easy, and tasty but I didn't see bacon? Easy enough to add.

Hector Lopez says:

Looks so yummy im going to mke it real soon

N. Laurista says:

mmmmm this looks delish

Riaan Van Wyk says:

This looks absolutely amazing

judy rooks says:

can you freeze this dish and then how long would you reheat it

janet Wright says:

Me looks so good….I love quick easy simple dishes….and I am gonna try it tooπŸ‘

Carole L says:

This is a good recipe….lm always looking on YouTube for inspiration so thank you for sharing 😊

Maggie Rhodes says:

Love it but i like less meat more good noodles ,thanks for instructions

Dina White says:

Is the only seasoning Italian how much flavor is there in it? Just wondering before I try it because it does look delicious

KOSH Naranek says:

I will defiantly be adding this to my you tube library foods list.

yana 15 says:

I made this and it was so good and easy to make!

Jamar Rippy says:

Excellent recipe for sure!

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