How to make Homemade Vegetable Soup

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john david says:

full of fat,sugar,E#, not good for you at all…

Malcolm Browning says:

…you put fresh veg in the pan and then add veg stock out of a tin
complete with chemicals?

6771Randy says:


musicpianoman says:

How long is simmer for a while?

6771Randy says:

I make my beef stew the same way.

Steve Taylor says:

Made vegetable soup tonight and used V8…great addition.


angeluvmwah says:

Love you !
This was so yummy !
I added a bunch of garlic cloves,
Bochoy , corn on the cobs and
went spice happy :)
I never would of thought to add v 8
Juice …
My husband did the dishes: )
Thank you 

AlexandraParaskiv says:

No butter for me!

Jacqui Nader says:

I feel so yucky today, and I am about to go to the store and whip this up,
you had a lovely presentation, Thank you :)

kim le says:

Hi, can I just add chicken stock? Do I have to add tomato juice?

Deidra Bowman says:

So how many does this fed? I have a family of 13

James Gorczyca says:

why not beef broth ? you should see my hamburger veg, cabbage,soup its
killer .

creoque_ says:

Ur beautiful:)

reesedixon says:

Ha! This made me laugh so much! That kitchen island is on wheels, so I just
pull it out and walk behind, and then it goes in the garage when I’m not
filming. But it’s a tight fit!

reesedixon says:

You’re precious! Thank you!

joanne chung says:

yummy~!! going to try this :)

karenm8757 says:

Lets try again lol….thank you for the V8 tip! I wasn’t sure how to make
veggie soup with the tomato based broth, I will be trying this tonight.
Hope the hubby likes it, it was his soup request for dinner :-) Happy

karenm8757 says:

Thank you for the V8 tip! I wasn’t sure how to do a tomatoes

Karthik Kewldood says:

you’re 😛

Nautsumi Satokai says:

Oh my gosh it tast so flipping yummy thanks you miss

Lorna Maher says:

could you make some healthy dinner recipes??? :)

vanityrose12 says:

clearly your an awesome wife

Nautsumi Satokai says:

Btw I’m 11 yrs old and you have expired me to cook my life away forever
thank you

Karthik Kewldood says:

I’m Giving this a try ! If i make justice , The credit is all yours..!
Anways , Thanks for the awesome Video and Awesome Cooking Spot Selection :)
Cheers !

carmen martinez says:

can this be put in a large crock pot? oh I hope so. I take food to church
and id love to treat my brothers and sisters to this delisiosa soup.

hacksaw196610 says:

You still have a small kitchen non the less.

Rick Keefer says:

Id like to juice those melons.

yelshamusic says:

I bet she is dirty in bed.

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