How to Make Italian Pickled Marinated Eggplant Like an O.G. | Real Easy Melanzane Sott'olio

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Using fresh eggplant picked right out of my backyard Italian garden, I show you how to make an Italian classic. Please like, share, subscribe! Let’s keep Old School Italian recipes alive! Mangia Bene! #TREWTh #eatwell

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Jude Irwin says:

THANKS! Quick, concise and easy to follow – unlike most of the rambling attempts by others on YouTube.

Michael Miller says:

I am going to try this next week as we have more eggplant in our garden than we can eat fresh. My only question is, how little my will this keep in our cellar?

Thoroughly Wet says:

Never put a knife to basil. The disrespect!

Josh Zeidner says:

Ukulele music = next

Ирада Алиева says:

Спасибо. Буду приготовить!

Daniel 4774 says:

Thank you. ✌

Alessandro Perri says:

in Calabria li mettiamo sotto sale e aceto per delle ore poi strizzati e via nei vasetti!!!buonissimi!!!

Freccia's mum says:

In Italia non lo mettiamo il basilico etc., ma solo aglio ,olio e peperoncino.
Il resto del procedimento è ok

Hima Samm says:

Beautiful 👍🌼

Black Rose says:

Thank you so much delicious ❤️

Aida Amer says:

It's nice if you add some walnuts with it.

Nazir Barakji says:

عم يضاربو على الشوام الطليان

sandra burke says:

How long does it keep

be beauty says:

هاد يلي بسمو مكدوس ايطالي 😆😂

karandreii says:

Yes!!! Sunflower oil!!!

Matt M says:

do they need to be refrigerated once opened? or can i top off with more oil and leave out(covered) ? when theyre in the fridge the oil gets whitish looking

R.N V.H says:

I had this in naples and i wanted to know how to make it since i cant find it in store here in the netherlands….

Nulla61_Australia. says:

I have shared this so many times and made it heaps.
It’s a simple step process which tastes great


Joe should the jars be Boiled before and after you fill them to Sterilize them from any Bacteria etc.?


My Mother in Law use to make the sliced Eggplants in a stone Crock, Adding Salt Garlic and Bay Leafs & do layer after layer till the Crock was full & then Weighed it down with a dish and a heavy rock, Then store it in a cool place for about a Month or two till they were ready to eat etc Thanks for sharing Joe

inna b says:

Looks amazing better than store bought

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