How to Make Korean Hot Wings | Appetizer Recipes |

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A popular and delectable dish that’s perfect either for dinner or as an appetizer! Sesame oil, brown sugar, and fresh ginger are just a few of the main flavors that add to these excellent wings! Get the recipe:

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Vincenzos Plate says:

Love korean food

lukngud says:

I have ALL of that stuff just layin' around my Kitchen…

gina bataille says:

Shouldn't you fry twice?

Indian Guy says:

Instead of the Sriracha sauce it would be more authentic to add the Gochujang paste. Sriracha is Thai. Gochujang is Korean.

andrew lee says:

Its kanjang style. (Which means 'soy sauce based style' in korean)

lucas sacul says:

I love it, its good i want to try it thanks for tip

신서영 says:

Could be better if you put gochujang and rice syrup instead of sriracha and brown sugar🤣 that would be more authentic cause most koreans dont know what sriracha is🤔 well apart from that its good i want to try it

Joshua Gabriel says:

It's taste so hot!

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