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A simple white cake with magical filling! This dreamy dessert is a lightly sweet sponge cake with a creamy custard filling. Goes well with fresh fruit or a chocolate glaze, too! Get the recipe for Magic Cake at:

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Silvana Garaza Virginio says:

Perfect! So tasty. Thanks

Katherine Walker says:

I made this vanilla magic cake, but it didnt have 3 layers; only 2 and it tasted eggy. I don't think I would make it again .

TheUmbowa says:

45 – 70 min??

Evgenia says:

i see only 2 layers,,

Nancie 1962 Green196 says:

I made it twice and both times the cake flattened out. Any suggestions?

Kealani Smith says:

Hey Kids, help me out here. I delightedly made this cake for my birthday. Three tiers, great. Perfect custard, great. Problem: wow there was a lot of melted butter swirling around the pan after the cake had finished cooking. Maybe next time I should just use a bit less butter??

Patta Apple says:

Ingredients in gram please

Twitchie Canine says:

will have to try.

Gigi G says:

I watched this video an hour ago and just took the cake out of the oven. I've never seen such a liquid batter. I made it GF–hope it turns out!

Jen Tuesday says:

I made something kind of like this before…but it was chocolate cake on top pudding on the bottom. Very simple and delicious recipe.

Caro Wells says:

There's a chocolate version of the magic cake that is like Ike a dry mix that you pour boiling water over without mixing it, and It's amazing, cake on top, chocolate sauce underneath. I've gotta look for that recipe!

ceren geronimo says:

What's the name of music on video

Maria Gomes says:

What abt baking powder did u use baking powder n how much

siouxsie1954 says:

the most amazing dessert IN THE WORLD. I had it at The Hotel Seville in Harrison, Arkansas and thought I had died and gone to heave. The chef gave me the recipe and I've been making it ever since. I like to spruce it up with freshly grated nutmeg on top. I also use Flori de Sicilia when I'm feeling especially festive.

Bake With Dollies says:

Going to have to try this out, looks awesome!👍

anthony whitehead says:

looks different&wow

lukngud says:

Too much Work for such a Lackluster result…

Peace love says:

Must try this…

GolDreadLocks says:

Thank you, I have been searching for this recipe! When I was a kid it was one of the favourites at church craft /bake sales!!

tinaloveseddie says:

Did Hermione just whip up this cake?🔮

marie paradiso says:

Looks delicious 👌❤

Mette Jepsen says:

It's supposed to be 3 layers… like a dense bottom, custard and fluffy cake…

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