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This video shows you how to make spicy, chewy crackle-top molasses cookies. Seasoned with cloves, cinnamon, and ginger, these moist, tender spice cookies smell and taste like Christmas! They store and freeze well, making them terrific food gifts for the holidays.

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2dasimmons says:

These cookies look good but I'll not use the sugar on top.

Julia Maidman says:

I can bake them for a bake sale 1 day!

Nirel Amoyaw says:

is it the fridge or freezer … last time I tried the fridge still made the dough too soft

saatkraehen says:

Can you substitute the egg with something else?

Phaedra Rogers says:

This is my third time making this recipe(sort of this recipe) in two days. My family loves it. I used butter, a tsp and a half of baking soda and half cup brown and half cup white sugar, on parchment paper at 350 for 11 minutes. Soooooo good and too easy.  A soft cookies is a good cookie in my book and this one remains soft.

Randall McAdams says:


occhi blue says:

Made these with just 1/2 cup of butter, some allspice and brown sugar; they came out great. The 3/4 of butter mentioned made a flatter cookie that was somewhat oily. Thanks for an easy recipe though that hits the spicy sweet tooth spot. O.

Hosein Reza says:

What can i use instead of molasses

Blood Rose says:

Why do cover the cookies with sugar? I am just curious

califdad4 says:

I love ginger/molasses cookies, have to try this asap

Paulette Kurelordpai says:

Hmm, looks like I will have to try this recipe.

Donna J says:

Can you use gluten free flour instead?

Miranda Rintoul says:

I don't understand why people click on cookie recipe videos and then complain about how unhealthy they look.

bubbles 26 says:

Will be trying

snowfleem says:

Isnt this basically gingerbread cookie dough

Emily Merovich says:

Can you do a recipe on a milkshake? Thanks

kevseb66 says:

WOW!!!! Homemade Ginger Snaps!!!!!

XsweetstarliteX says:

Diabetes, my persistent friend

Jojo Hadi says:

They are super easy super yummy..chawy and spicy…thanks a lot..

Jojo Hadi says:

They are on the way..i will inform you how it tasts..

Baby song says:

what can I use instead of Molasses?

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