How to Make NON-DAIRY MILK (Almond, Cashew & Coconut) Gemma’s Bold Baking Bootcamp Ep 4

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Hi Bold Bakers! Non-Dairy Milks have made their way into our everyday diet so I’ll show you how to make some of the most popular ones including Almond Milk, Cashew Milk and Coconut Milk. You can make these non-dairy milks with just two ingredients and use them in your baking or for smoothies, curries or soups. So let’s get started!

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Hi Bold Bakers! I’m Gemma Stafford, a professional chef originally from Ireland, and I’m passionate about sharing my years of baking experience to show you how to make simple, game-changing baking recipes with over-the-top results! Join more than 1 Million other Bold Bakers in the community for new videos at 8:30am Pacific Time every Monday & Thursday!


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Ahmed Idrees says:

You go irish girl!!!🤗

stina lynn says:

What kind of blender did you use?!😻

Dayangku Intan says:

COOL GEMMA!!! thanks a lot gemma!!!!!! its so easy!!

Wendy Say Hey says:

How do you turn any of these milks into chocolate milk? My daughter is crazy about chocolate milk but is now lactose intolerant. I would love to give her lactose free chocolate milk! Any ideas?

Alexandra Gregory says:

my mom is allergic to all three of those nuts

Lien-Chi Cantuba says:

Please collaborate with Rosanna Pansino

Casper_7762 says:

Gamma Stafford thank you for this video. Found a dealer online for the Milk Bottles and even the tops. Just arrived today was my brand new vitamins blender and also the small shipment of raw almonds (5#) which will get used for a few things. So, now it's off to your website I go for exact measurements and to soak my nuts overnight. I even purchased 2 nut milk bags from vitamins too and any left over almond meal I am sure will get used. I'm sure my food processor and I will make no work of making it finer after I get it dried out and then make pancakes from it if I can find a recipe. Thank you again

Valerie Ostopoff says:

is this good for coffee? I am looking to make my own coffee creamer. hazelnut is my favorite and because I am a diabetic, i put cinnamon with the coffee grounds.

Miguel Moreno says:

Yummy I love eny kind of nut milk😍😍😍😍

Mark Magorrian says:

I’m glad to know I can make nut milk at home. I’ve tried almond milk at home but I found it very watery. At least with this recipe I can make it a bit more nutty

Carli Rogers says:

Thanks for all your awesome videos Gemma! I just found you and I'm absolutely in love❤️❤️ with this video I'm just curious, are you able to make a cream out of this? Like a thicker milk? Then turn it to butter??

Sushravya M.P says:

Can you please tell me the quantity of almonds and water? Do I need to maintain a measurement? Thank you in advance.
Love from India 🤗😍

INstore byCheffina says:

some of non dairy milk like soy milk here, specially the fresh soy milk, always receive in a warm condition. Is it boiled after blend it with machine or boil it first and blend it? (sorry for my english, thanks Gemma).

Starry Sky's 652 says:

What kind of blender do you use?

MaMoBae says:

I've never thought that's how you actually make it. 😱😱 Amazingly simple!

D.O.N.N says:

She's on fire with those nut punes!

Lean Andrew Penaflor says:

can i use it for baking?

Huong Linh Nguyen says:

Can i use peanuts instead of cashew?

Muniba Aslam says:

Can we use this coconut milk to make dole whip?

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