How To Make Pan Fried Tacos-Mexican Food Recipes

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Pan Fried Tacos Recipe @ Corn Tortillas lightly pan fried dusted with Parmesan Cheese stiffed with ground beef, cheese, lettuce, diced tomato topped with Red or Green Taco Sauce Delicious.

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Stella Thas says:

Hi Mia,
I like your awesome recipe!
Where did you buy taco stand. I like that stand.
How do we call?
Taco stand?
All the best!

Patricia Highton says:

Good job, Mai. I love your presentation. It looks like you were preparing for a party!

K T says:

Never thought of using beef broth. Got to try that next time I make taco. Thanks!!

Jennifer Dooley says:

Looks so delicious!!

marie Savino says:

I love this way of making tacos. Beautiful presentation as always. Thank you my dear Mai.

ohhdonny says:

Looks good Mai!

Julia Dickson says:

Hi Mai! I've missed watching your wonderful recipes and cooking demonstrations. Wow!! Those are the most delicious and beautifully presented tacos I have ever seen! I have a grill pan like that. Can't wait to try! ~ Julia 😊

ha hahah says:

Looks good I'll take a green one lol

It's Angela says:

I wasn't hungry but now I am looks very delicious. I like making tacos at home then buying tacos from a fast food place because they make tacos with oil.

Maria says:

Hello Mai !
Those tacos looks so delicious. I love your recipes!!🖒Have a nice day!Thank you for your recipe ❤,

L D. says:

Looks great ! Tacos would be hard to et with the lettuce & salsa on the outside though.

David Anzures fernandez says:

it looks delicious but it's not original mexican food it's mexican with a mix of united states even though it looks very delicious

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