How to Make PASTA BROCCOLI Like an Italian

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This broccoli pasta recipe is so much more delicious than you might think – it has hardly any ingredients, but it is full of incredible flavour! Create this divine vegetarian pasta dish and make it creamy, without any cream. Broccoli pasta is a recipe close to my heart as it is a common dish in Calabria where my wife’s family are from – before we met I had never tried it and now I can officially say I’m hooked! Try this recipe for a quick mid-week meal – no mess, no fuss, no prep, just let the simple ingredients shine!

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0:00 Introduction to Pasta Broccoli
0:37 Welcome to Vincenzo’s Plate
1:41 Ingredients for this Pasta recipe
2:14 How to cut the broccoli
3:12 Time to cook the broccoli
5:07 Create a broccoli cream
6:03 Cooking the Spaghetti Pasta
7:35 Combine all the ingredients together
9:09 the importance of Grated Pecorino Cheese
9:45 Look how beautiful the Pasta Broccoli looks
10:00 Time to Eat…E ora si Mangia


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Vincenzo's Plate says:

Have you grown up eating Pasta Broccoli?

Narsiph Spearheart says:

I made this just now for my mate and me and by god, you must be an angel! Because we're dead and in heaven! It's so delicious! I want more of sphaghetti broccoli! Moooore!

Stay crunchy.

Bektas Ince says:

Thank you friend. Greetings from Turkey

Maria M. says:

It was delicious! Thank you.

Rubi Camacho says:

The only style of pasta that I grew up with was the Dominican style with salami and tomato paste sauce even tho I loved it I got tired of it and I been trying different sauces recipes and this has been my favorite so far! I love it! And it’s easy to make.

Ievgen Litvinov says:

Checked. The best broccoli dish I tried so far

tiger8linny says:

Grazie Vincenzo! I am so happy to have found your channel and will make this wonderful ricetta domani❣️

Natale Rizzo says:

Ottima….la versione calabrese prevede una spolverata di pangrattato e peperoncino…..👍

Surati Ivey says:

This looks fantastico – it's about technique , simplicity & spirit !!! You got great positive inspired energy Vincenzo !!! I'm going to make it. Love the concept of " broccoli cream ".

Surati Ivey says:

He is so funny

Keith Holcomb says:

Take the pasta out straight to the dish. Why didn’t I think of that?!? I was a dummy all these years and drying out the pasta in the colander.

Jim Hart says:

I made this today for lunch and it was excellent! Thank you for sharing this recipe.

Brian Rouse says:

Well, now I know what I’m having for dinner.


You're doing an excellent job with your channel. Amazing videos!

Caelan Cullison says:

Buon Appetito !!!

CorrosionX4 says:

Well Vincenzo you've done it again, I just made this dish and it's going to be one of me and my daughter's favorite dish!

etsuko smith says:

Looks easy and good. I will try this dish.

Stefanos Georgiou says:

As a Greek I can admit italian food is just king 😂 that dish and most of your others are just delicious!

Magdalena Lewandowska says:

La cucina italiana e la migliore del mondeo, questi sapori….tutta la mia famiglia ama la Tua cucina. Questa ricetta e semplice, veloce da preparare ma buonissima !!!
Grazie mille Vincenzo 🙂

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