How To Make Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Daniel Miller says:

My cookies spread so much and covered the pan. They tasted really salty and kinda greasy. I Didn't have bread dough. Was that my problem?

NightFlame says:

I failed, my scooper was either to big, or I did something wrong

We Remotely Low says:

I like a crunchy cookie

Modest Pilgrim says:

i got diabetes by just watching this

Amalie Ortiz says:

This is extremely useful. Thanks so much Tash

casswood says:

A key ingredient in this recipe is that you must do some serious vocal-fry while you make these cookies; they come out so much better as a result.


Cameron HIckey says:

It’s a fucking cookie

J D M B says:

what happens if i change the normal flour to almond flour

Jesse says:

you should try lard as the fat. I hear it makes a really good, crispy cookie.

Ebony Boop says:

Now who's going to bake them for me??? Nude.

Dylcool says:

but does the cookie DOUGH taste good?

KinkyCurlyDiva16 says:

Ok can y'all do the best cakey chocolate chip cookie, similar to Levain's Bakery. I love the cookie in this video but I do have a thing for a cakey cookie lol

JuggernautOfMC says:

When you're fasting for 16 hours during Ramadan and you see this…

Weeb Trash Maggs says:

I’ve never heard someone describe browned butter a “delicious” colour

Sporke says:

Where’s the yoda and vanilla

Queen Queenly says:

I am watching this on a Sunday night.

Aidan Mackenzie says:

So I made this recipe without the bread flour and it was nowhere near as solid as the dough in this video. Given that I had to add almost an entire extra cup of flour I have a hard time believing that changing that one cup to bread flour really changed the batter that much. Is there anything I could be doing to make it so liquidy? Or is it just that bread flour is somehow magical?

Miriam Sutch says:

Cookies need to be soft and chewy when warm, and crunchy when cool. there are no exceptions. soft, damp, room temperature cookies are the worst.

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