How to Make Petits Fours | Smart Cookie Recipes |

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These little jam filled almond cakes are perfect for any party or celebration! Get the recipe:

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Allrecipes says:

What celebration would you make these for?

Bridget Bergfels says:

You're hilarious ♥️

Yasmeen Boahene says:

Say “pet-it for “one more time 💀

elizabeth elrod says:

She is adorable

bszardom says:

By far my favorite chef/baker to watch for recipe making!!! Thanks Elise!!! <3

Tim Paige says:

I like her lol

diane sanzone says:

I just love this woman!!!!

Josemanuelyguadalupe Saucedo says:

I love ur happy vibe…🌹🌹🌹

Andy Melton says:

Or just order them from Swiss Colony! 😉

Natalija paradiso says:

Looks delicious ❤

Namie's Natural's says:

Can milk or almost milk be used instead of water n in the frosting

Beth Kravitz says:

Elise, you make my day! If you had your own show or youtube channel, I would TOTALLY watch!

Family Friendly Cooking says:

One of my favorite French dessert.

Sarah A says:

The only showers I go to is in the bathroom

Stacy Pennock says:

Elise, you are the cutest! Your videos always make me smile~!

Ulrike Maier says:

you are priceless :)

elizabeth marie says:

I love her energy!

Agnes Redmond says:

Garlic pizza bread

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