How to make Roast Lamb

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Momma shows you her recipe for roast leg of lamb. Simple, succulent, and delicious.

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Glamorous Blonde says:

Momma Cherri,

Lamb is my favorite, how did you know?!? This looks so delicious!!!! I wish you were my neighbor and we could have picnics and Christmas parties together. ❤️

B JM says:

good job mom

Travon Jones says:

Thank you momma i thought i was the only one who marinated lamb over night!😍

acutehugs says:

Hi momma i ordered some of hour spice in january 18 and havent had it yet, can u let me know when to expect it please. X

Hyeyoung Kang says:

I saw your Gordon's nightmare episode from Korea. I haven't been in England, but if I go there someday, I'd like to visit your restaurnat to eat your warm, soul, tasty food! Love your food video💕💕

toofer says:


Ken Shiro says:

Love the dancing intro Momma x

E Z says:

So this is woman that maded Gordon Ramsey ate whole plate? L E G E N D A R Y, food looked so beautifull and delicious.

CD DOT says:

Hi Cherri, when you season the lamb, surely you are caking the salt and pepper pots with raw meat off your fingers? no? Ive always thought this when chefs handle raw meat then go and open the fridge/use applicances etc. Look forwa to your answer thank you

Wilson Wijaya says:

I dont like the lamb taste so what do i use to get rid of the lamb smell and taste?

Asia Antoinette says:

Okay, I am getting hungry by looking at this video lol Looks damn delicious Momma Cherri <3

Charlie McNally says:

I love your videos Momma


I wish I could be as happy as you while cooking. Everything I make is made with stress and a microwave.

Alain James says:

Momma – could you tell me what temperature do you set the oven at – and how long do you roast the lamb?
Thank you.
PS: Have your first cookbook – and looking forward to your new one.

barzilla187 says:

Straight minstrel show

Jose Negron says:


G.Sarjos says:

How long did you roast it for and at what temp?

colbjay99 says:

Thank you for providing great content mama! I aspire to be like you!

Eric Brown Jr says:

I LOVE LAMB !! I’ve got to try this recipe

Vinzler says:

Thank you :-)

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