How to Make Roasted Rack of Lamb | Lamb Recipe |

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Watch how to make a rack of lamb rubbed with Dijon mustard and encrusted with seasoned bread crumbs. This impressive roast lamb recipe is the perfect main dish for special occasions.

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Deanna N says:

Easter dinner!!! Can't wait to make

Mpho Daphney Neluvhalani says:

About to cook this. I can’t wait for the final product

mac34 iq says:

I like lamb meat its my favorite I will try it 😋

Abeda Ebrahim says:

Can this recipe be marinated and frozen to be cooked another time

Jim M says:

I found that 450 for 15 to 18 minutes is too long and overcooks the meat. Also the video has music that is just too annoying, repetitive and is completely superfluous. When I want to learn a technique or how to cook a dish, I’m not interested in being entertained nor do I need to dance my way around the kitchen. Best to not be so “Hollywood” with you video presentation

Emma C says:

What can I substitute for the dijon mustard ? I’m allergic to mustard seed.

Pacroid says:

After watching endless shows of Hell Kitchen, I have no idea if this is raw or cooked properly. I only hear Gordon Ramsey screaming, "RAW RAW RAW, you Donkey!"

PiranhaJaw22 says:

mint jelly!

Dale Amundson says:

Great advice but I think you need to add at least 10 more minutes. I don't like having to chase after my lamb after cooking it

Vivienne Scudder says:

Incredible recipe, made over and over again ! 5 stars ! thank you for sharing .

Sean Anderson says:

That music causes cancer.

Jessica Gerdes says:

the instructions suggest checking internal temp of the meat but what degree is it supposed to be at?

Marie Czarnecki says:

If people don't like the way the cook does the recipe then get a cookbook and follow your own directions, or go to "CULINARY SCHOOL" and spend $20,000-30,000 to learn what you all get free here, use common sense and follow "DIRECTIONS"!!!!!!

Heena Khan says:

I want to make mutton chops so please tell me How long does it take cook chops?I always confused to cooing time . I want to tender meat..thnks

Ciara Tauscher says:

Omg I just love meat. But lamb looks gross

Tony From Syracuse says:

I did this recipie….WONDERFUL thanks!!

Mile High Beer Guy says:

I add a little Worcestershire sauce in the breadcrumb mix and throw on grill rather than oven

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