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Be sure to make plenty because these will be insanely pop-ular at your next party gathering. Jalapenos stuffed to the hilt with fried sausage then loaded down with gooey cheese were made to be shared. Be sure to pour some cool ranch dressing for excellent dipping action!

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Philippians 4:8 RekaFaye says:

I didn't learn :(

Allrecipes says:

Keep calm, people. This is a promotional video Allrecipes developed for a specific purpose, so yes, it has a different style, and includes elements you won't see in our regular videos.

Margaret Bedwell says:

The most non informational video I have ever seen.

Younima says:

??? Yes not clear !

Julie Thompson says:

Disliked this video because it just plain sucked. How do you consider this a recipe/cooking video? What a mess this channel is turning into.

lovehope3753 says:

What was the point? People complain about your poor quality of videos, and the quality gets worst.  This was the worst one to date….when you started out with great quality it's a shame to let your channel go down like this. If Allrecipes outsourced this YT channel, that is fine, just use someone with at least the same level of quality or higher. Or stop making the videos. Unsubscribed

lover and a hater says:

wtf? commercials in superbowls are longer than this crap

goochcub77 says:

Where's the video? All I get is the thumbnail

pbkayakyer says:

what was the point of the video?? It didn't show anything of value. No explanation, no recipe, nothing.

Tunabolt says:

It makes me sad when the videos are so short that you don't even get to the good part of the song.

frost fledgling says:

… Okay, so obviously you halved the jalapeño. But did you take out the seeds?

voncocina says:

Good recipe but too faster…

Melissa Matheson says:

what the hell was that? what a crap video

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