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In this video, we share with you a simple recipe for French onion soup. But there’s nothing simple about the complex, rich, earthy flavor in each bowl of the soup. You will love the combination of caramelized onions and beef broth (use vegetable broth to make this soup vegetarian). And don’t forget the triple cheese threat here – Provolone, Swiss and Parmesan on top of crusty French bread is the ultimate finishing touch.

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Mark Forcyth says:

Great recipe except people PLEASE be careful placing crockery under an oven broiler! (I would say preheat oven to 425 F. instead) By putting any non-metal cookery under high direct heat, you might hurt yourself or at least, lose the soup to cracking crockery!

Food Fanatic says:

dafuq is toasty bread lmfao

Steven Dalipis says:

This recipe is just plain wrong…

Ritsma says:

I winced when she didn't caramalized the onions. That's a HUGE part of french onion soup.

Arkasha Krylov says:

Why use Italian Cheeses for French Soup and Portugese Sherry..!!! no sense abducting someones kitchen….. a Rhienland Land Wein with Edamer and Muenster will do just fine….

rintube12 says:

looks yummy but that was a
too much oil and more caramelization!

Paul G says:

those onions were cooked waaaaay too little. they should be nice and caramelised

t says:

Can you take away the voice

GirlGeek723 says:

But its FRENCH Onion Soup…why can't the onions get brown? Their supposed to be caramelized

Anas Alwash says:

The onion itself should be cooked for half an hour till it's brown and that what gives the brown colour of the soup, not the broth.
This is just an onion soup, not French.

sarah almousa says:

i must to try it

Chris Affambi says:

the onions are supposed to be caramelized.

EZGlutenFree says:

French onion soup is one of my faves.

1 yusaku says:

the whole point of a french onion soup is…caramalizing onions for 30~40minutes…

Monique Lindo says:

make tomato soup

Aiesha Begum says:

your supposed 2 caremilse the onion that's what Gives it the flavour

Elinida says:

Agreed! The onions need to be carmelized! Why would they write "be careful not to brown the onions"? that's the whole point of French onion soup!!! I carmelize mine on low heat for at least 30-45 minutes. I use brandy instead of sherry and a bouquet of sage/thyme/rosemary. This channel use to be good but the recipes on it lately are less then appealing these days. Sadly I will be unsubscribing after this crappy version of French onion soup. I have seen enough!

Dwayne Wladyka says:

Looks awesome. But I think the onions should be caramalized.

kayla1505 says:

You're supposed to caramelize the onion. That's where all the yummy flavor comes from.

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