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Watch how to make a thick, spicy chili in your slow cooker. Dense with beans, beef, and vegetables, it’s a hearty and satisfying one-pot meal.

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black adder says:

Too many ingredients to call it easy

banana bandana says:

Drain and rinse your beans

Drain and rinse your beans

Drain and rinse your beans.

Canned beans are canned in so much sugar and starches, this causes the gooey substance in the can, they are cause excessive bloating, cause gas to build up in the stomach cussing discomfort, cramping, abdominal pain and gas, when they're drained they don't do that.

sandra18097 says:

lmao one drop of hot sauce

MrMase12 says:

this recipe sucks

The One and Only says:

celery????? lol

Louie Martinez says:

I bet you would have death farts with all those beans

DrStoooopid says:

That doesn't look like chili. It looks like spicy hamburger soup. Chili is supposed to be thick!

septy nurhilda says:

I love having corn in my chilli

Chris Ward says:

Looking for recipes that call for dry beans soaked. Canned beans are shameful!!

ronnel meyers says:

Trying this tonight

Earl Sinclair says:

get a little bit closer please.
otherwise great recipe.

jodi weijdom says:

Amazing that's my meal done for tonight thank you

Larisa Krutov says:

best chili every, my family loved it

TheRabbitFear says:

you can just throw it all in diced mince easily cooks after several hours in the sauce

religion-pointless god-good says:

I will marry the girl who cooks this 

GeorgeStone21 says:

The bell peppers and kidney beans will be really mushy. I'd add them in for the last hour or so. Let them keep some crunch.

Allrecipes says:

You are so welcome, Wendy! We're happy to hear your whole family enjoyed this recipe :)

WendyVallarta says:

I have to say, I'm from México, and I never ate chilli before till I came to US… Yesterday I was looking for the recipe, and today I made it for dinner, instead celery I add it 1 chopped zucchini… It came out VERY GOOD!, my husband tried it many times before and he say it's one of the best… So I gave you the credit for that. thank you so much for sharing 😀

ForeverJalesa says:

Have my own famous chili recipe, but I might try this one out Thanks

Artful-Phoenix says:

Just a 1/4 spoon of cumin is fine and thyme is fine too.

seb ward-sale says:

I'm by no means an expert but where do people stand on the addition of Cumin and Thyme?

Badboy7357 says:

Don't drain the fat! That is where the flavor is. And I agree with TheFluffyPeacock, celery does not belong in chili.

TheFluffyPeacock says:

OK, celery does NOT belong in chili.

pkmnan00bis says:

On Low for 8 hours, or on High for 3-4 hours.

Might want to soften the onion, celery, and green pepper in the pan first to make sure they're done, but the meat and stuff's done as soon as it warms through.

electrospasm says:

8 hours? D: Damn, even with the slow cooker thrown in my face I was not expecting that.

albedo0point39 says:

Should fry off the onions and celery too. Missing out on so much flavour by not browning the onions.

snowflake5555 says:

unless your cans of beans are 'no salt added" i would never put the liquid in. I'd replace it with broth or water or juice

heavygauge says:

I think that "dash" of chili sauce wash a too little to even detect

thoiwei says:

That's not fat! That's delicious delicious beef juice! Oh man…

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