How To Make Spanish Rice – by Rockin Robin

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How to make Spanish rice is easy if you know what ingredients to use. This rice has great flavor to stand on it’s own and is perfect with enchiladas and refried beans.

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Here is my new version of this recipe which is healthier: for watching and sharing!

I will show you how to make Spanish rice that is easy to make and full of flavor. I will also show you a tip on how to get the best flavor.

Here is my popular refried beans recipe:

Chicken Enchilada Recipe:

So follow along and if you have any questions on how to make the best spanish rice, just leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.
Rockin Robin
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Cherokee says:


Gosia R Home Cooking says:

Rockin Robin Cooks fantastic video ,its help me a lot:)

Ray Merrill says:

Stop stirring the rice.

Mitsi Le Ann says:

My grandmother made spanish rice like this except she added bacon to the rice. Mmmmm

Tom n says:

The background music is too loud: Get rid of it. Also posting the ingredients on screen would be helpful.

Dangtve says:

Thank you so much RobinπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘I made it tonight with yours chicken enchiladas!! it was so good!!!❀😍

His Appearing says:

Thanks Robin! I figured out why my Mexican rice came out mushy! πŸ€”πŸ˜’

Sand 28 says:

nice, easy and great tasting recipe thanks Rockin R, mine came out great. i used fresh garlic but not fresh tomatoes, they look awful in the stores right now. can't wait for fresh out of my garden! i did add the chili powder. thanks again for sharing it's a keeper!

marie kr says:

This receipe is to a T perfect on measurements ratios of water/rice. I have tried many other youtubers receipes for Mexican rice and nothing came out better than this. My soon to be husband is Mexican and it was so frustrating not being able to get it down perfect like this grandmothers,but finally did thanks to u! Even when his grandmother showed me it was still hard because she dosent measure and dosent know how to measure,so when I go to do my own still a problem.The level of moistness is perfect not dry and not mushy. Thank u

lovetina2010 says:

i am so going to try your rice. rice kills me i never can make it right..always sticky. im thinking i need to cook that brown more brown before i add water, i dont know. I do know your rice looks absolutely wonderful!!! thank you for sharing

Mary Ann Mehegan says:

Love your videos! I'm making this rice tonight.

Matthew Reed says:

Rockin Robin, your videos are a god send. This rice made my part tonight a hit. I ran out of time and couldn't make the churros. But I will this weekend! So delicious! I have been looking for the right recipes, and you have them! I told my friends!
Thank you! <3<3 <3

Christa Parenteau says:

Nuns use to tell me that left handed people are evil, if you can believe that

Christa Parenteau says:

I am ambidextrous too.I write with my right hand because my teachers use to slap my hands until I used my right hand to write

Christa Parenteau says:

Love it.
You are left handed like me……awesome

Marcia Cristina says:

The Spanish rice was wonderful!!! Thank you so much.

Bobby Patricca says:

Am I the only one hearing music but not what she is saying? Might be a problem on my end, not sure.

gigi c says:

Love your rice. After making it I was so happy I finally learned how to make Mexican Rice. So delicious! Have also made your refried beans and they were amazing too. Thank you!

Tonithenightowl says:

I had to laugh when you placed the canned food on top the lid. I do that all the time. I used two bricks on top the lid of a water bath caner to produce the same effects of a pressure caner. It worked. All these little tidbits help so much especially to the beginner cook. You teach as well as demonstrate. Takes years to become an expert cook, it's an art form that can only be learned from those with much experience. Your channel does this. :o)

Brad W says:

Made this for the first time the other day. I LOVE IT. Thank you so much for sharing.

Bruce Storey says:

Hi Robin, when was that picture of you working in the kitchen taken?

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