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Watch how to make Texas-style pulled pork in a wonderful tangy sauce. In this 5-star recipe, barbecued pork simply simmers in the slow cooker until the meat is perfectly tender. Serve the tender pork on toasted hamburger buns to wild raves!




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Jason Madden says:

Curious how this tastes. Followed a recipe on YT that used coca cola in the crock pot. Turned out quite tasty

RKP says:

No idea why people continue to use butter on every piece of bread. No need. Plus, where's the heat?

Kerry Chaney says:

How do you make pulled pork belly

Diana Ford says:

can't wait to make

StormLaker1975 says:

My crock pot is a bit smaller than this one….and I used a 6lb roast. With the liquid, it's right at the rim of the pot right now….hoping this doesn't overflow while I sleep tonight, haha. I've done this before, and if I remember right it turned out well. But not as good as when I actually take the 10-12 hours and smoke a pork butt on my weber grill.

ravenblackhawke says:

Definitely not true Texas BBQ. Need to dry rub well into the meat and add your spices to it and then place all the other ingredients into a large measuring cup or bowl and mix well then place some of the ingredients mixture in the bottom of the slow cooker, add the seasoned well rubbed pork meat into the slow cooker and then set your time and temperature.

All the rub and seasonings as well as other ingredients will flavor the pork well so no need to marinade it overnight.

Many times I may make it like this recipe above, but then also wrap hickory or mesquite smoked thick bacon slices around the pork so the bacon is wrapped around it making around 7 rings total, or more depending on the size of the pork roast.

Now that is how you really cook Texas pork BBQ…..the real Texas way with plenty rub and seasonings and low and slow.

This recipe is great when you don't want to BBQ outside……..especially when the Texas weather is wet and cold, or thundering like mad:).

clorox bleach says:

if you want it to be BBQ pulled pork don't add in the BBQ sauce till the pork is done because if the BBQ sauce is cooked with it the sauce with have no flavor

Jonathan Hamlin says:

Is this narrator the lady from How It's Made?

J. C. Smith says:

I've lived in Texas all my life and this has got to be one of the worst recipes ever. A total waste to time.

chilled99 says:

Isnt there quite abit of oil in the liquid when you add the meat back into the cooker?

ghannam says:

Is there different between slow cooking and cooking with pressure cooker?

Johnny C. says:

a proper chef will laugh his ass off after watching this…

c4manke says:

Why not premix the ingredients then pour over the pork, rather than blob it over the top and try to stir with 4 lbs of meat in the way?


if you return it to those juices want to be super greasy I've done that before it's better just ad all those ingredients after it's already cooked that way it's not all greasy

Allrecipes says:

We've got you covered, vannokouch1000. This recipe makes 8 servings. (You can find the link to the original recipe to see the number of servings by clicking the link at the top of the page–right below the "Published on" date.) Here's how to adapt the recipe for 25 servings. (It's easy; the computer does the calculations.)

To change the number of servings for any recipe, click on the link to open the original recipe page. This one:

1) Then, find the gray bar underneath the photo. Just below this bar, find the word “Ingredients” and look to the right side of the page where there are small gray icons (a clock, a circle divided into sections, a bar chart).

2) Click on the gray divided circle, and a box will open with a smaller box next to the word “Adjust.”

3) Type the number of servings you want to change the recipe to (or use the up and down arrows), and click on the word “Adjust.” The computer will automatically change all the ingredient amounts to make this quantity.

You're ready to start cooking!

Vanno Kouch says:

How many people does this serve? How much meat should I use to serve 25 people?

gdcoey says:

The pork was great, the sauce not so.  The flavour of apple cider vinegar was too strong.

gdcoey says:

It's in the slow cooker as we speak……can't wait

Tony Michaud says:

Yuck!!    They put this good meat onto white bread?   Gross!

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