How to Make the Absolute Best Ground Beef Chili

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Host Julia Collin Davison shows host Bridget Lancaster how to make the Best Ground Beef Chili.

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joseph burtulato says:

I’m making this right now. I added pork neck bones too. Along with my homemade bread.

Ed noyb says:

Sacrifice flavor for convenience. WHAT IN HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? 15 TO 2O INGREDIENTS IF NOT MORE, 2 plus hours to cook plus all preperation time before hand. This is not inconvenient, I could build a house with the time and effort it takes to make this chili. I have no doubt that it is very very tasty but HOLLY CRAP it is not convenient.

JBluegum says:

Tomatoes!Thats not Chili!

Dick Voce says:

Such bad impression along with the eyelashes

John Tyler says:

I made this once and it was sooooo good. The next time, it was lacking flavor. I used no added salt tomatoes and beans. Maybe the chilies were past their peak. I don’t know I’m making it again today, so crossing my fingers… 🤞🏼

Richard Morano says:

Can you cook it in an instant pot to cut down the cooking time? Thanks

Tony Jones says:

did she say "chipotle is smoked jalapeños?' 🤔

Jeff Welch says:

A shot of tequila on top would be good too!

Grecia Damaris says:


Josie Van Otterlo says:

The chili recipe I USED to use was done in an hour. I will only make this recipe from now on. The technique and added nuances are game changers. Worth every second spent making this chili. My husband and I love this dish. Thanks!!!

Andreas Kling says:

These women are doing a great job,no doubt about it!

Damienne Smelt says:

I love watching their first bite… Julia does this little giggle… if it's REALLY good, she giggles longer :)

Arleen Anderson says:

Some people are very rude on here. Chili is chili no matter how it’s spelled, I’ve never seen chili fixed this way looks delicious

jack dorsey says:

Why don't you give the recipe away Instead of making people jump through hoops buying them?

Peter Caulfield says:

One word: WOW! You'd think that the spices would hit you in the face after watching this but the sweet surprise is that they really don't. All of the flavors are so balanced yet complex and the spicy notes you get between bites are indescribably pleasant. I've never experienced ground chuck being cooked so tender before. It really melts in your mouth! Amazing recipe.Thanks to both the ladies for the tips (baking soda/tortilla chips/home made ancho chili powder). This will be part of my repertoire.

John Cooper says:

Awesome ladies. I subbed chili habanero with the onions for the smoked jalapeno. I am not found of the smoked flavour and I like super hot chili, the stuff that makes you cry, sweat, and cuss.

Alejandra Terroba says:

This is a very american dish and I absolutely love it. Muchos saludos from México !

timmytide1 says:

My adjustments are Add dark red kidneys and crushed tomatoes plus cook it on the stove top for an 60-90 minutes but add your beans during the last 30-45 minutes.

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