How To Make The Perfect Pie

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Make the best crust of your life thanks to one secret ingredient.
Get step by step directions here:

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peachybun says:

just imagine her ring makes a mark on that perfect surface

Ernestina Hinojosa says:

I love when you have experiments. You do all the fails and research,so we can get the perfect recipe. Thanks tasty!!

Emily Cruz says:

I havent learn a thing in this video, it should of been called “ perfect pie test”., Not how to make a perfect pie. They’re not telling us the measuring ingredients.😑 Whoever knows this person that talks in this video must of been lost with words. I hearing a parrot🦜 that needs a cooking podcast.

The littlest Beanie boo says:

I’ll just take a cheesecake….
Lmao jk I’m taking myself an apple pie

leland harris says:

How much would one alter the dough recipe so there is enough for the apple pie top crust?

Lancer has Cancer says:

“Make it as cold as humanly possible”

pours liquid nitrogen

Me: Well this crust is now hard as a rock, but she said make it cold so i guess i just roll with it

Bill Swift says:

Niggatelo aight

Chapter Master Hammermane says:

Why am I watching this, I don't even own an oven!?

Silvia De la paz says:

0:15 the bottom left corner is making me feel bad

xxxgamerlvxxx says:

I just thinking why u dont show recipe before making

anushka mohanty says:

Make tasty 101 🍫 chocolate croissants

Katie Cook says:

4:54 good thing you didn’t do it by purpose

Ozan Erdemir says:

Take your fucking ring and shove it into your ass you nasty fucking retard stop dealing with food while you have a ring that you wear all day everyday which has nasty shit on it

Dian sofia says:

the perfect pie = you

Jeth Ocampo says:

11:54 cutie PIE

Dansagar says:

anyone else smell this video?

Emma Gabri says:

Am I the one that has not have pie before

I’m 15

Българка Кралицааа says:

Tasty I just Subbed 😁

Lafaroius Samtenito says:

I am gonna use my knock knock its knuckles unlike sonic I don't chuckle

Beverly Rodriguez says:

hey what do you guys do with all that food if not everybody eat it or is it usually all gone by your staff? lol

alucard kaizokudan says:

i fell in love with the girl voice.. and ofcourse her pie also

Omega Lol says:

WAIT There's a crust in π… that's why I keep failing in math

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