How To Make the Perfect Roast Beef Dinner – Gordon Ramsay

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There’s laughter, tears, and even homemade Yorkshire puddings as Gordon teaches Martine McCutcheon how to make a delicious roast beef dinner form scratch.
From Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word

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MPmusicgroup says:

That arse though 👌

Nomad O says:

Blah, blah, blah……

C Tan says:

Pretty women are stupid indeed.

Joseph Mital says:

Ok how big do you wan the knob to be

Bobek Mi says:

Who is that idiot of a woman ? "I'm intelligent but…" Stupid rather than funny comments. Yes, she is beautufull, especially with her double chin. Pathetic :( Well done to Gordon for great cooking tips

Tagailog Maypagasa says:

Gordon fucked that

colby shumate says:

They def fucked

sarah from kfc says:

Pause at 1:19

Kathphlox says:

Not enough gravy 😉

gooner andre says:

Martine McCutcheon is fit!!

Jodi Cox says:

Love your videos, but not everyone, can afford a huge piece of meat or a cut of meat like this.

Whiteboy White says:

Gravy to thin

Bowlcut Badman says:

so many sexual innuendos


They had sex later on

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