How To Make Toffee

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How to make perfect toffee candy at home! Today begins a week of candy recipes, and we’re starting with a classic favorite!
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Thermometer (Affiliate Link:)

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Abby Savoie says:

The best way to clean out your pot after making toffee is to put water in it and bring the water up to a boil. All the toffee comes right off with no trouble.

Melissa Andrews says:

If you don't have a candy thermometer you can use the ice method. That's the only way I've done it and it comes out great every time. All you do is fill a shallow dish with ice and when the mixture starts becoming a golden color, dip a whisk into the the pan and pull a bit out and drizzle a bit over the ice and let cool all the way (maybe a min.) pick it up and if it crunches like toffee you are done cooking. If it has the consistency of caramel just cook a bit longer ……this method works great for me and so so simple.

Hello my name Is Lexi says:

Is it normal to do it first try with out the candy thermometer?

Elvira Barraza says:

Love It! 😊😍

Mustapha Talib says:

great video. had to watch couple of times to actualy see what the recipe is cause you are very distracting 😉 But wtheck is a cup? half a cup?? i dont know these measurments. im from europe btw

Dale Branham says:

I would like to ship some toffee across country without getting bloom once it arrives on the west coast (That happened at Christmas when shipping goodies). I am investigating tempering the chocolate. I would make the candy first and let it cool, then top with the tempered chocolate. So would there be an issue with the chocolate adhering to the candy?

Jazmin Jacob says:

this toffee is perfect, except I had one problem. the butter. once my toffee cooled down, all the butter seemed to have separated or something so it made it really oily. the texture, taste and looks are all on point but when I grab it with my fingers and eat it, I always end up with oily fingers and it's not a good feeling. maybe reduce the amount of butter?

The Nub of Gaming//TNG says:

Is it ok if you put Nutella on your toffe then let it cool so it hardens

Mr.X says:

Duuuuuuuuudet Genius!

Roy Bokelman says:

I add bacon to my toffee

Brady Dill says:

What the hell? I click on the link to your toffee "video" on your website and it subscribes me to your channel. I DID NOT CONSENT TO THIS SUBSCRIPTION.

Avafia says:

Thank you so much! Toffee is really hard to find here and I really didn’t want to pay too much for it lol
Absolutely enjoyed this!

El Appo says:

This video was great! I'm sure you'll have loads more subs in no time if you keep this up 😀

Morgan Goodell says:

I didn't remove mine from the heat when it was done fast enough and over did it:( All that time down the drain.

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