How to Make Vegetarian Japanese Curry (Recipe) ベジタリアンカレーの作り方(レシピ)

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{Vegan Adaptable} This vegetarian Japanese curry is loaded with thick, meaty slices of king oyster mushrooms and colorful chunky vegetables such as kabocha, eggplant, and asparagus. With homemade Japanese curry roux, this dish is no doubt our family’s favorite for a bright and flavorful dinner!

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INGREDIENTS (Please check the website for detailed info)

*Curry Ingredients
1 onion (280 g, 10 oz)
1 carrot (85 g, 3 oz)
2 yukon gold potatoes (260 g, 9 oz)
⅛ kabocha (without seeds; 140 g, 5 oz)
1 knob ginger (Only need 1 tsp)
1 bell pepper (half yellow and half red; 220 g, 8 oz)
8 asparagus (140 g, 5 oz)
1 Japanese eggplant (115 g, 4 oz)
4 king oyster mushrooms (140 g, 5 oz)
½ shimeji mushrooms (100 g, 3.5 oz)
4 button mushrooms (60 g, 2 oz)
1 tomato (150 g, 5 oz)

*Condiments and Seasonings
3 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil (divided)
3 cups vegetable broth (or water; 720 ml)
Kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper
1 bay leaf
1 Tbsp unsalted butter (13 g) VEGAN: use vegan butter or oil
Homemade curry roux (recipe below)
1 apple (220 g, 8 oz)

*Homemade curry Roux
3 Tbsp unsalted butter (42 g) VEGAN: use vegan butter or oil
4 Tbsp all-purpose flour (30 g; You can use GF flour as well)
1 Tbsp curry powder (6 g)
1 Tbsp garam masala (6 g)
¼ tsp cayenne pepper (1-2 g; omit for mild spicy level)

INSTRUCTIONS with step-by-step pics ▶

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How to Make Vegetarian Japanese Curry (Recipe) ベジタリアンカレーの作り方(レシピ)

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prashant rana says:

I really want to eat it!❤️

Kat Geeks Out says:

Omg yes. A must try.

Lakshani Kulasiri says:

Hi tried your curry rice recepi.its very delicious for me.thank you soo much your recepi. From sri lanka 💚💚

Mia Foo says:

does beans (chickpeas, kidney beans etc) works for this recipe?

Shubham Bhatter says:

Looks yumm!! A definite try, is dried turmeric powder used in Japanese cuisine??

Roll no-2045, SUMIRAN VYAS,3A1 says:

When I saw that garam masala,I was like "woah Indian!"

Cristina Aristizabal says:

Is very relaxing watching you to cook. Thank you for the delicious recipes. Greetings from Spain.

Cristina Aristizabal says:

Is very relaxing watching you to cook. Thank you for the recipes. Greetings from Spain.

Jori Aditi says:

Where can I get garam masala???

Chitra S says:

I'm Indian from TamilNadu. I'm vegetarian and living in tamilnadu. Give some recipes for me to do in my home.

Котъ Баюнъ says:

Deep bow from us, vegans, for this lovely recipe. Would simply switch to vegan batter and vu á la ❀(*´◡`*)❀

The Non-media channel says:

Garam masala???

Joanna Figueroa says:

i tried making the curry roux but when i put the multi purpose flour with the butter it just turned into a sort of dough

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