How to Master Fruit Pies | Bake It Up a Notch with Erin McDowell

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It’s time for part three of our four-part “Bake It Up a Notch” pie spectacular—celebrating the release of Erin’s new cookbook, The Book on Pie. This #bakingtutorial is all about one of Erin’s favorite pies: Fruit pies! As usual we’ll run through all the equipment, ingredients, techniques, and where things could go wrong. Share your beautiful fruit pies with #bakeitupanotch. And let us know what else you want to know about pie in the comments. Happy baking!


All Buttah Pie Dough:
Roasted Blueberry Pie:
Peach Butter Slab “Hydrangea” Pie:
Black Bottom Cherry “Sunflower” Pie:
Epic Single Crust Apple Pie:
Apple Dumplings:
Concord Grape Meringue Pie:
Apple Cranberry Swirl Pie:
Jammy Hand Pies:
Pineapple Tarte Tatin:
Streusel for Pies:

0:00 – Intro
1:43 – Gather your tools
2:20 – Fruits done ripe
5:03 – Master the mix
6:32- Frozen is fine, too
10:34 – Tips for raw fruit
15:36 – Peeling PSA
17:48 – Pro tip: Opt for pre-cooking [your fruit]
23:20 – Partially pre-cooked meet raw [fruit]
24:43 – One filling, two ways
27:50 – Consider your crust
29:14 – Upside-down pies with Brimley
31:55 – Determining doneness
34:09 – Mistakes happen
41:45 – Save it for later
43:29 – The finishing touches


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reta yannone says:

my mom made the best apple pies…never precooked crust or apples…and they were never runny…and crust was always beautiful and tasted delicious

Brenda Lynn says:

You’re a definitely very smart and good at what you do, however, I got lost with this video. It’s too much information in one video. It’s hard to keep up because you do talk a little fast, which is fine, but for future videos I would say break it down to maybe four different parts, so that we are able to absorb what you are telling us. Sharing your knowledge With us is appreciated. But I have to pause constantly and back up to remember what you said. Thank you for understanding.

Elize Van eeden says:

Hi Erin, just came upon your vlog🌻, love my kitchen, seems like i am going to baking school thanks to your vlog.

No name says:

Any tricks to making pies with “canned” fruit pie filling”?

Valerie Brown says:

Thank God someone agrees with me re cooked filling. I bake a lot and pies are my thing. I always use tapioca for thickening and I partly cook my filling – not berries but definitely apples. Success every time,why would you risk failure with uncooked filling? Also for those making their own pastry, replace half of your water with vodka. This is an America’s Test Kitchen tip and gives you a beautiful crust everytime. The vodka gives you moisture when preparing the pastry but the alcohol burns off during baking.

DivineCreation8 says:

Can I bake more than 1 pie at a time in the oven? If so, is there anything specific that needs to be done? (Rotation, etc.)?

Raquel E Herrera says:

Dear Ms. Erin – I can't stop watching you on YouTube and I am learning a lot I already ordered your The Book on Pie at Amazon. Thank you so much for the rough puff pastry I can't hardly wait to try it especially we love puff pastry here at home. You're making us hungry for pies and pastry every time you're on the our computers. So yum yum!

Metta Analysis says:

I’ve watched this so many times
Thank you for such a great lesson!

Christopher M says:

What should the internal temp of a fruit pie (ie: apple-blueberry) be?

Mishelle Kochel says:

Erin, I did just find your bb pie recipe but is it the same as your blueberry baked jam recipe??

Marti Major says:

I baked a peach pie today which was the best pie I’ve ever made. TIP: I put 2/3 cup of rolled oats on the bottom of the pie before putting in my peaches and sugar and 2 T of melted butter. I also put in a small pinch of cardamom and cinnamon. No glue or cornstarch. Just rolled oats to soak up the juices. Best ever.

Rita Fedele says:

I TrueType love all your videos. You are not only a great pastry chef but a awesome educator. Thank you .

Thomas Leffers says:

More tart tatin! Please

Elijah Cory says:

38:38 Erin says "I'm gonna fix this pie." Where does she tell you how to fix the soupy berry pie?

Emma Nolley says:

Does anyone know if I can doing the roasting method with peaches?!?

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