I tried making a VEGAN STEAK… how does it taste? // Cook With Me

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Oshin Haans BTS*ARMY says:

First Comment first like….pin me please,i really love your channel

David López-Kopp says:

When I close my eyes and listen, you sound JUST like Supreme Banana. Or vice versa, not sure who inspired who first :)

Michelle Stone says:

I made another vegan steak recipe and it was awesome! I only kneeded the dough for a couple min though. Mine didn’t burn in the pan and was more reddish/pink in the middle. The texture was very “meat/muscle” like. I watched a few different recipes and I believe the one I made was Veggie Rose☺️

A couple of things that I think helped on taste…I marinated mine for a few hours. Cooked in in oil and vegan butter with cloves of garlic and thyme.

T Eye says:

I loved this so much. Very down to earth. 🙃 More live action recipe’ing, please.

Sen Sha says:

Maybe someone can explain to me what "nutritional ease" should be? It doesn't seem to be an specific product or anything like this. There is nothing to find when you search on google for that…

jackseve says:

Leave it to marinate over night also so the flavor soaks in.

jackseve says:

I would also suggest swapping out chick peas with jackfruit. Instead of the tomato paste mixture I suggest you find a faux beef flavor blend that works. You can still steam but I believe you need to steam it for 40-45 min.

jackseve says:

Oh and as far as the faux beef flavor I believe you needed a few extra things.

jackseve says:

I don’t think you kneaded enough and you could have used a marinara sauce if you didn’t have tomato pure. Tomato paste is way too dry and dehydrated.

I don’t think you kneaded it enough.

Vegan Space says:

Awesome viddd

javiks bleach says:

looks like shit time for real steak

Micka Lieta says:

Add a bit of beetroot instead of the tomato purée and a bit of cocoa powder& instant coffee (trust me) in the wheat gluten. I always season my seitan flour as well (garlic, teaspoon coffee teaspoon cocoa powder, salt, herbs if I feel like it) before combining it with the liquid ingredients. The longer you marinate it the better it gets, also I found it tastes most like steak if you actually bake it (pour the rest of the marinade on top and it caramelises into this amazing crust) with some veg underneath like potatoes onions etc 😊 hope this helps 🌼

elaeda says:

The thumbnail looks like a penis 8==D

The Outsider says:

I foud seitan tastes much better if you deep fry it in a nice,tasty batter like chicken nuggets, that's really yummy

CJ Smooch Vlogs says:

Steak was mine too lol yasss

Susan Johnson says:

I dunno if it's your makeup or the lighting or just something in your life, but you are exceptionally beautiful in this video! (Of course you're always beautiful–just extra today!)

A J says:

Tomato paste is much more concentrated, but no biggie right?

Vampireleniore says:

When I make seitan, I put it in a dutch oven with some broth and then put it in the oven to cook that way. The broth gives it a perfect meaty, moist texture (for me).

Victoria Kahakina says:

Love that you tried. Good job

Addison Wonderland says:

I made Veggie Rose's steak and they were actually pretty good. Definitely looked more meat like on the inside.

simone w says:

had a couple thoughts after hearing your verdict; saute with some vegan butter substitute or butter flavored coconut oil? might help with the burning issue you had w/ olive oil. also you could knead some kind of oil or water into the dough to see if that helps the texture. and i agreed with you about the tamari, less of that and maybe add BBQ sauce to the marinade since you like it on your steak. last thought was that an aoli on the steak might help the flavor. this is such a weird fascinating idea, haha, you should do a second try video.

Coffeerella says:

Why do people always show the need of meat with trying to use the name vegan? Is it just a proof that everyone can continue to feel the taste of meat? Please show the real reason that why one should go vegan.

Diminishing Erica says:

I made vegan steaks like this once (can’t remember whose recipe I used) and we had the same impression. It was flavorful and tasty but it definitely wasn’t steak. Tough dough is accurate. Lol! I like to make Vegan Zombie’s seitan gyro meat and double the recipe so I have a lot of it. It’s also a bit like tough dough but you slice it super thin and pan sear it and that makes a huge difference. I absolutely love it. It’s a huge PITA recipe, though, and takes a long time to make. It’s worth it.

Generalu Stelaru says:

Why would you go to such lengths to reproduce meat if eating meat is unnatural? Wouldn't you be happier munching on a carrot or something? I mean, what's natural for humans to eat then?

ocramas says:

1. you got it right!! :) That's how gluten works, the more you knead it, the denser it will be!!, like a nice piece of rubber with a little bready flavor somewhere! I have tested seitan on my own for years, I can send you a nice recipe if you want to give it a shot!

FuzzyButtStinkyFace says:

Random question… But how do you do your hair like that? 😂😂😂 My hair sucks

Okuhle Osh says:

Why are vegans so obsessed with meat and dairy substitutes?? Just eat real stuff before y'all fall sick.

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