Impressive Thanksgiving Pies

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Scott Part Time Chef says:

great video

EmmaLovesKitty 101 says:

4:29 😍😍😍

drake. says:

That second one… Y'all are doing the most lmao

Namhart Elkor says:

Half of these are cakes, not pies!

Marta Baena says:

Great video, thank you! Here is the ultimate guide for Thanksgiving with the best tricks and apps from tech startups I hope you enjoy it, otherwise I apologize! Keep up the good work!

Katilynn Rose says:

What kind of nintendogs walking music is this

Sofia Farias says:

is it just me, or does anyone else actually make these?

Ian Caldwell says:

these pies make me wanna barf🤢

Sketchup _ says:

Key lime pie looks amazing

Amanda Pathoomvanh says:

Everyone their called pies because of the shape of it it’s round so Pie 3.14

Kyle Paps says:

Ok, love the ideas. please slow the videos down!!! I don’t want to have to keep stop/starting the videos to write it down or with sticky hands.

samjones052379 says:

Great recipes and great music!!! What band is this?

Tiffany Fidler says:

That bread apple "pie" looks kinda gross. I don't really want a bread pie…..but thanks.

Mwerpso Lot says:

These videos make me so happy and I don’t know why

Marwan Nawabi says:

What is it with them and peacans???

Gustavo Wenzel says:

Who the fuck dislikes those videos

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