Indian Cooking | Easy Indian Recipes By Nikunj Vasoya

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Indian Cooking and Recipes:
Cooking some of the popular and invented Indian Food recipes.
This video includes the recipes of a Indian Salad, Starter or Appetizer, Main Course, Rice and a Dessert or Sweet Dishes.
This is going to an amazing Indian Vegetarian Cooking video for you.

About This Show.
“Every Day Special” is an Indian cooking show presented by Nikunj Vasoya.In this show you will see the exclusine and secret recipes from NIKUNJ vasoya’s Scret cooking book on Indian Cuisine.
Written and Produced by: Nikunj Vasoya.
Host: Nikunj Vasoya.
Producers: Foodon TV, Mycromfilms and Nikunj Vasoya.
Music: Ivan Chew and Admiral Bob.
Title Track: Ivan Chew.

Background Music: Admiral Bob. Food & Travel Network.
Indian Recipes.
Recipes in Hindi.
Indian Street Food.
Street Food Videos. Cake Network Videos.

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BackToConstitution says:

The montage is way, way to fucking loud!

Suraj says:

Well done buddy! Keep up the good work and keep the videos coming.

shiny dev says:

Thanks.very clean, neat, no long finger nails or rings worn when cooking ☺👍

shiny dev says:

Thanks, but how to consume raw chilly powder?🤔. Surely stomach would be upset😕

Anthony Caligiuri says:

what time is dinner? I'm on my way

Rafik Ansri says:

Ciken cooking

Rafik Ansri says:

Indians cilantro cooking

fittutube says:

how long can you keep indian curry warm before it starts to loose its nutrition and taste?

krishna ji says:

sooo niec me nikunj ji thanks for this things

hetal joshi says:

hey nikunj bhai thank u


Ohh I just realized he made full course meal with appetizer Parantha with curry then rice and desert …. All soaked in oil and butter. Make all this single day and get a straight ticket to go UP…. I need a break after watching this and definitely have to diet tomorrow.

Maria Bustamante says:

I am so happy to have found you! I am so excited to start making new Indian dishes!!! thanks

Hope says:

Excellently done, Nikunj. Most authentic recipes I have ever seen so far. Keep it up and keep posting. Thanks :)

Bimla Rawtani says:

Please use Spoon you Guju bhai, in Masalas. Do not use your hand.

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